Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake {Aug} Complete Details!

Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake {Aug} Complete Details! >> An influencer faced adverse reactions after two weeks of getting vaccinated. This article explains about her blog.

Covid pandemic has hardly hit the whole world. But, everyone has faced so many struggles since last year. It took nearly one year to invent the Covid Vaccine. There are some side effects seen in very few people after taking the vaccine. However, these side effects will not appear after 48 hours. But, influencers from the United States, Canada faced adverse reactions of vaccination. She also created a fundraising page on the GoFundMe site for her treatment. In this article, you will find out whether this Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake in detail. 

What is Queencitydom.com? 

Queencitydom.com is a website created by the influencer named Dominique De Silva (@queencitydom). She took her first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on March 18th 2021. As a result, she felt off while having brunch with her family. But, she has settled down herself within a short time. Unfortunately, two weeks later, she falls ill again. This time, she noticed that killer pain in her legs. She had issues in walking, and her brain didn’t support her to walk. She consulted the doctors and undergone several tests but no use. Doctors are unable to find out the exact answer. She also posted her situation on Queen City Dom’s Instagram account and GoFundMe page 

She struggled alot to find the solution, and in that process, she found people across the countries like America who are facing the same problem. To spread awareness, she thought to start a blog. As a result, she has started Queencitydom.com. 

More Details On Her Posts:

De Silva has various symptoms raised after two weeks of vaccination. Also, they are not related to the vaccine. But, on the other hand, doctors said there is no chance of such reactions caused by the covid vaccine. The influencer De Silva has claimed that she is having adverse reactions due to taking the covid vaccine. Is Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake?

Also, she had suffered from paralysis and tremors. We found some videos of her struggling to walk, shaking in a hospital bed in our research. Also, she added a voice-over to that video, saying that she never be silent about her situation. According to the GoFundMe page, she struggled with the other symptoms two weeks from later from the day of vaccination. 

Side effects of the vaccine usually occur within 48 hours. But, she found these symptoms after two weeks. So, there might be a chance of doubting these symptoms

Public Reaction on Queen City Dom Tik Tok:

As she is an influencer on social media, she got massive popularity over this situation. She got an enormous response and also raised funds upto ten thousand dollars already. She got vaccinated on March 18th. She posted about her situation on July 17th after struggling through the adverse symptoms. So there might be doubt about her adverse symptoms. She also created other social media accounts like tik tok and got tremendous responses. Many people think that these symptoms may not be related to the covid vaccine. For more information about this news, you can click here.

Final Verdict:

On the contrary, we can conclude on Queencitydom.com Real Or Fake by saying that she might have struggled alot. But, those symptoms may not be related to the covid vaccine. Side effects of the vaccine usually occur within 48 hours. Doctors also explained that these symptoms are not caused due to vaccination. 

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  1. She’s a fraud and this is a scam. If you look closely she has an iPhone USB cord attached to her finger.
    The physical therapy scenes are also poorly scripted. Look how dangerously cluttered the floor is. If she can barely stand up where are the physical therapist and the parallel bars for support.

  2. Her story has huge gaps in truth. She states she received a Pfizer Covid vaccine in Nevada before flying east to go home for her wedding. Covid vaccines for her age group weren’t being given until April 5th


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