Queen City Dom Fake Or Not {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

Queen City Dom Fake Or Not {Aug} Get Complete Insight! >> This article highlights detailed information about a social media influencer’s viral video. Read the content below.

Are you wondering if the viral video posted by Dominique is real or not? Are you worried about the fact that all the information disclosed by her may be true? Or do you think she’s spreading misinformation about the vaccine? Well, today, we’ll discover the roots of the issue.

The video posted by Queen City Dom has gone viral and been a controversy, especially in countries like the United States and Canada. So what’s the debate about? Let’s find whether Queen City Dom Fake Or Not!

What’s Queen City Dom’s story?

On 18th March 2021, Dominique got vaccinated with a dose of Pfizer. Unfortunately, she got only one dose because she started experiencing severe pain in her legs after her first dose. After that, her condition kept getting worse. She experienced occasional symptoms of dystonia, difficulty in walking, extreme pain and weakness in her legs, vertigo, heart palpitations, numbness in her body, sudden cold sensation in her legs, pain behind her eyes and shivering in her right hand

In the Queen City Dom Instagram post, she also stated that she had certain symptoms throughout the day:

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Sentence formation problems
  • Feeling out of the body, 
  • Error in-depth perception accompanied by visual changes
  • Brain fog

She sought answers from several medical professionals, tests and exams but couldn’t find a solution. She also did reveal that she had an autoimmune disease which she was able to treat by changing her diet. However, she claims that her recent problems were only due to the vaccine, and she needs help regarding the same.

Queen City Dom Fake Or Not

As per our research, we can say that Queen City Dom is not fake because she did post evidence regarding her condition on social media. She posted videos of her getting surgeries and tests. Dominique was very vocal about her problems for the only reason that she needed help and wanted to help other people going through the same problems. She was a healthy, happy and beautiful woman with a good life and career, and there would be no way she would fake all of this unless she’s suffering. Infact, many medical professionals and common people did reach out to her, and she’s in a much better condition now.

People’s reaction to Queen City Dom Tik Tok:

Most people have been extremely supportive towards Dominique on every social media platform, while some think she’s doing it just for attention. Infact, she even gave a voice and platform to other people who are going through the same problem to help each other and find a solution. Medical professionals and media have also reached out to her to cover her sensational inspiring story, and people have been very happy that their problems were being addressed instead of being suppressed.

Final thoughts:

As mentioned previously, our thought about Queen City Dom Fake Or Not is that she is telling the truth; she’s just trying to get help for herself and others like her, so we must all support her instead of criticizing her as she’s already going through a lot. Check out Queen City Dom’s instagram to know more.  

What is your thought on this? Please comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Queen City Dom Fake Or Not {Aug} Get Complete Insight!”

  1. I’ve looked at her social media to look for evidence and I cannot find anything solid that sawys my opinion either way. What does sway my opinion is her tremors. 15 years of working in neurology and I’ve never seen tremors like that, ever. Especially ones that seem to stop and start suddenly. The electrode placements are very suspect too. They look like she’s just stuck them all over randomly.

    The hand movements make me think she’s seen someone with CP and how they can move and hold their hands in a certain position, and has decided to use that for effect.

    I do think there’s something not right here, and if she does have a physical issue it isn’t due to a vaccine, it’s due to psychological factors where she’s convinced herself she’s ill

  2. If she we’re actually having seizures and involuntary muscle spasms, then she wouldn’t be allowed to drive. She also has a bunch of nodules hooked up, but they were obviously done by someone with no actual medical expertise as they’re just placed indiscriminately. I don’t even know what to say about the iPhone charger she has hooked to her finger. And girl can barely walk and has her hands all gimped, but her makeup is applied immaculately in every single video? Lol, okay. Most glaringly, though, is that her familiarity with how muscle spasms work seems to have been drawn from a Community College production of My Left Foot.

    People actually buying this is just confirmation bias. I still weep for humanity, though.

  3. Yup, a phone charger taped to the finger with a band-aid and fake ECG leads really sent the message home. And how is she able to drive in her ‘condition’? Perfect hair and makeup for every video… come on. Grifters gonna gift.

  4. This woman is associated with Dr. Mark Ghalili, a fake doctor who has videos of himself magically curing a woman with the same “symptoms” from her shot with a holistic treatment. This is clearly a scam. Please stop helping her spread this dangerous misinformation.


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