Qtcinderella AI Video Twitter: Is It Still Trending On Reddit? Find Details Now!

Here the readers can get updates on Qtcinderella AI Video Twitter and know the victim’s reaction in this blog.

Have you watched the Qtcinderella Ai Video? What does the video contain? Why are people talking about the Qtcinderella video controversy? How did the video become trending? Who is there in the video? 

We know all these questions are coming up within the reader’s mind after hearing about this United States trending news. Thus, read the blog to learn more about the Qtcinderella AI Video Twitter news and find the details of this trending video.         

Disclaimer- The article will give the readers deep knowledge of the Qtcinderella Ai Video, and it doesn’t share or promote any explicit content to the readers.

What does the Qtcinderella Ai video comprise?

Qtcinderella is a popular Twitch streamer who creates gaming content especially and is quite popular in the gaming community. 

Recently, explicit content videos of her and a few other female streamers went viral on social media platforms. However, the video is fake and made using deepfake technology. For the social media links, read the below section.

How did Qtcinderella AI Video Reddit spread?

The Qrcinderella Ai video was initially live-streamed on Twitch by a streamer Atrioc during his gaming stream. After that, the grown-up video went viral and spread all over social media platforms, including Reddit.

A Reddit user shared the link for the Qtcinderella Ai Video. However, the video link is unavailable now as it contains explicit content.


How did Qtcinderella AI Video Reddit spread

Who is victimized by the explicit video?

The deepfake technology video also victimizes Qtcinderella and some other Twitch streamers. The names of the victimized streamers are:-

  • Pokimane.
  • Maya.
  • Higa.
  • Sweet Anita.

The reaction of the Qtcinderella!

After watching the Qtcinderella AI Video Redditthe Twitch streamer went live on Twitch through her account and condemned the people, including Atrioc, for their actions. Qtcinderella had tears in her eyes while sharing her bitter experience after spreading the vulgar video on websites of explicit content.

What steps did Qtcinderella take?

 Qtcinderella stated that she would take strict action against the website owner for creating and sharing her explicit content without her consent. In addition, she will also take action against streamer Atrioc for sharing her explicit content on the public platform. 

However, Atrioc later apologized for her actions in a live session from his Twitch account.

Netizen’s reaction on Qtcinderella AI Video Twitter!

The Twitter user @pokimane said to stop creating explicit content of people without their consent.

Another Twitter user @ytsybitsyspicyy shared her reaction to Twitter through a post. She shared a video and said that she is disgusted with the reaction of a live streamer to make fun of Qtcinderella’s response towards her explicit video.

Social Media Links


It is crucial to stop sharing any deefake explicit videos as soon as possible. Also, the shared video will give the readers clarity on the Qtcinderella viral video


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Qtcinderella AI Video Twitter-FAQs

Q1. Who is Qtcinderella?

She is An American Twitch streamer, having many followers.

Q2. What is the real name of Qtcinderella?

Her real name is Blaire.

Q3. How old is Qtcinderella?

She is 28 years old now.

Q4. Who streamed Qtcinderella’s explicit video live?

A live streamer Atrioc streamed her video online.

Q5. Does Atrioc apologize for his act?

Atrioc apologized on his live stream and even claimed to pay compensation to Qtcinderella.

Q6. What is Qtcinderella’s Nationality?

She holds American Nationality.

Q7. How many total views does Qtcinderella have?

She has 21.2 million views.

Q8. When was Qtcinderella born?

She was born on 06th June 1994.

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