Qt Fnf Mod (August 2021) All About This Mod And Features

The guide shares details about the new Qt Fnf Mod game and the new features and playability of QT MOD.

If you enjoy playing the famous online game Friday Night Funkin or FnF, you probably know the new FnF Mods, the VS QT MOD. It is extremely easy to play the game, but it gets challenging in the final stage. 

The QT Mod includes new weeks in the game where players will encounter the new cute girl with a pretty face and three new songs. It is one of the best Mods ever made that the Worldwide players are enjoying it. Let us check more details about the new Qt Fnf Mod included in the FnF game. 

What is Qt in Fnf Mod?

QT is the new character in the FnF mod, and the MOD has three new songs and two secret songs. She meets the girlfriend and boyfriend, where she rap battles with KillerByte. She is possessed in the two songs, and she gets calm in the third song. She only wants to be a cutie in the game. 

QT is the new antagonist in the series of FnF MOD. Qt Fnf Mod is best in terms of backgrounds, animation, and sprites. The MOD is the full week game with not less than five different series.   

What are the Songs Included in the New MOD?

  • Careless
  • Carefree
  • Termination
  • Censory Overload
  • Cessation  

These are the five songs included in the new MOD. Players have to rap battle with these songs, and the final stage gets a bit complicated. So, defeating becomes challenging in the final series. 

How to Defeat the Girl in the Qt Fnf Mod?

The MOD game is available both as Free Play Mode and Story Mode. Regardless of the mode you choose, you have to play all the notes of the songs at the right time using the arrow keys. Players have to reach the end of every song to progress their bar and win. 

So, when the player sees the arrow sign matching above the boyfriend’s head, press the same arrow key. But, ensure that you are not getting the timing wrong in the row, or else you may lose the Qt Fnf Mod game and start again. 

What are the New Features in the FnF MOD?

If you are interested in playing the new QT MOD, you must know the new features included in the MOD. 

  • There are five song series, of which three are general songs, and two are serest songs. 
  • The MOD game is a full week game
  • The game has many new dialogues, backgrounds, and cinematic
  • There are two new characters included in the game 
  • The Qt Fnf Mod has new gameplay mechanics, dialogues, and backgrounds   
  • New opponents are there in the rap battle


Friday Night Funkin is the music rhythm game that is enjoyed by many players Worldwide. The game also includes many MODs, of which QT MOD is trending these days for its unique playability and new features. 

If you are interested in playing the new QT MOD, ensure to get it on your device. The Qt Fnf Mod has new characters and songs to enjoy.   

Are you already playing the QT MOD? Then, please share your experiences in the comment box. 

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