Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace {Feb 2022} Read!

This article provides the factual information and the occurrence of Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Axie Infinity is an online game that is popular Worldwide. But, do you know that in recent days gamers are unable to complete purchase transactions on Axis? Did you know that a new currency was introduced to be used in the game? Did you face a similar issue? Were you able to resolve the issue? What is the reason for the error? Who owes the responsibility? Did you come across the error message Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace?

This article gives all the facts related to this error message and answers to the above questions. So let’s scrutinize the details of this error.

What is Axie?

Axie Infinity is an online game based on the Pokemon anime series. It is on the Ronin platform. The main character of the game is Axie. You need to purchase, collect (or) raise an Axie and make a team of three Axie participates in a battle. An Axie will cost you a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $550,000. Sky Mavis developed the game. 

About Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace error:

Axie is based on the non-fungible token. Axie Infinity Shards and Simple Ledger Protocol is the token used in the game. TOMO token was recently introduced in the game. Axie allows the gamers to owe the game partially and to make money. In 2021 alone, an approximately $42 million NFT collection was made. The price of AXS increased by 550%, and a single AXS token is priced at $32.02. 

  • Axie allows gamers to buy virtual land in the game. 
  • But, the purchase transaction repeatedly failed with the error message Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace!
  • People tried to use the TOMO token from the iOS wallet to make purchases. 
  • Initially, gamers thought that the issue might be due to a bug in the program, unavailability of Axie (or) due to a non-operating marketplace. 
  • The game developers informed the users that it was due to a system maintenance issue.
  • The users criticized that such system maintenance issue (or) downtime was not informed before.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Reboot the system,
  2. Re-login to Axie,
  3. Connect Axie infinity with Ronin wallet,
  4. To avoid Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace error, cancel the previous purchase and try a different method to purchase,
  5. If the transaction fails, please try after some time as it is assumed that the system is still under maintenance.


Due to the huge popularity of Axie, approximately 250,000 users are affected daily. The comments by the users on social media reveal that such instances caused stress and disappointment among the users. Unfortunately, there is no contact for assistance. However, the developers are making continuous efforts to resolve the issue. 

Were you able to make a successful purchase on Axie by resolving the Purchase Failed Axie Infinity Marketplace error? Please let us know.

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