Puffercase Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Real Or Scam Site?

Have you got satisfactory results after asking the web for Puffercase Reviews? If not, then this write-up will give you authentic and fair explanations.

Do you want to give your smartphone a branded look? Then, we have a fresh site for you, but first, check its validity in this writing before buying anything.

Everyone in this country has mobile phones, and it has become an essential part of our life. Thus, it is good to keep your phones away from damage by phone cases. However, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States buyers are recently curious to learn about an online portal. So, let us check genuine Puffercase Reviews in this writing to disclose the truth.

Briefing The Website

Phone cases are sold in different colours in this portal, including red, green, lavender, black, coffee, etc. Moreover, while exploring the website, we discovered that sending items quickly to customers is their prime motto. In addition, they stated that they have a great client base that believes in their talent and skills.

They also propose that they manufacture and catalogue some best phone cases over the site. After knowing the website, let us see some crucial details to know it more deeply.

Listing Important Facts To Observe Is Puffercase Legit?

  • We failed to derive the address information.
  • Over the website, the contact number is lost.
  • You must return the product within 30 days, if not liked.
  • After your return is approved, you can buy a new item against the returned parcel.
  • The e-store’s official link is https://thepuffercase.net.
  • They take 5-20 days for shipping items.
  • Various payment modes, including GPay, PayPal, etc., are given.
  • The portal’s enrollment date is 10-08-2021, highlighting that it is six months and eight days old.
  • We haven’t noticed the social media icons.
  • The Puffercase Reviews expressed that they will send you the refund after contacting them via mail.
  • The site exports designer and affordable phone cases.
  • Due to Covid, the delivery time may fluctuate.
  • The newsletter subscription feature is seen.
  • info@thepuffercase.net is the customer support mail.

What Are The Allowances In The Site?

  • The email address is cited.
  • Free shipping globally is offered.
  • An outstanding 100.0/100 trust rank is attained.
  • Over the website, reviews are encountered.

Where Is The Website Broken?

  • The retained trust score of 10% is terrible.
  • According to Puffercase Reviews, social icons are lacking.
  • Some policy details are absent.
  • We failed to retrieve Trustpilot comments.
  • The logo on the product is different from the company’s logo.

Is Puffercase Real Or Fake?

By reading the below-quoted points, you will understand more about this e-store, so keep studying.

  • Social Connections– Our analysis hasn’t found any social icons. But, we have found the Instagram page of this website.
  • Trust Rank– The 100 value exhibits that the site is reliable.
  • Shoppers Reaction– We found many positive reviews on the portal upon revealing. Similarly, on Trustpilot, no opinions were cited that will help us analyze its reality and find Is Puffercase Legit?
  • Alexa Rank– The portal attained a 241,597 Alexa Rank.
  • Rebates Given– The doubtful discounts are lacking on the site.
  • Site’s Age– We learned that the portal is six months and eight days old from now since its registration date was 10-08-2021.
  • Trust Score– We are not satisfied with a 10% trust score value and create doubt.
  • Website’s Suspension Date– It is valid up to 10-08-2022.
  • Owner’s Name– No related threads are available.

How Are Users Analyzing The Site?

As stated earlier, the website has ample comments over the site. But, those Puffercase Reviews are not of our use to derive fair results. Next, while peeling Trustpilot, we got no evaluations. However, we extracted the Instagram Id from the portal that had no reviews or comments by searching more.

Also, since it retrieved a low trust score, we can’t believe this e-store. Finally, we determined that the product’s logo is unlike the company’s logo, observing that you might feel insecure as us.

So, based on all the crucial parameters, we give this site a questionable badge. Read here the ways to avail of scammed money from credit card scams.


In this Puffercase Reviews article, we absorbed all the latest phone case provider website details. While researching, we noticed several pitfalls in the site that might harm other buyers. This post highlighted the presence of its Instagram page with no reviews. 

So, we decided to keep this site questionable because of the low algorithm, broken links and issues in the logo. Learn more here about the pointers of the PayPal cons.

Is the website a con? Kindly suggest your thoughts below.  

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