How to Set up a Proxy Server in Windows 10? The Advantages and Disadvantages

You use the Internet to browse websites from your computer, and by setting up access through a particular proxy server, you can prevent unauthorized access from outside. In this article, PrivateProxy specialists, who give you premium proxy services for business or private use, will show you the drawbacks of setting up a proxy in Windows 10 and how to do it yourself, at your request.

PrivateProxy specialists will solve any problem with proxy settings and will tell you what proxies are in Windows 10 and how to avoid problems with proxy settings in Windows 10

What are proxy servers in Windows 10?

A server that acts as a bridge to access external networks on behalf of a computer that can’t directly connect to the Internet is called a “proxy” and is officially called a “proxy server”.

Setting up a proxy server in Windows 10 to access the Internet offers various security and speed benefits.

Advantages and disadvantages of setting up a proxy server in Windows 10

Setting up a proxy server in Windows 10 offers the following security benefits. The benefits are especially significant when there are many opportunities to connect to the Internet from multiple PCs.

  • Internet access logs can be recorded on all PCs at the same time.
  • It is possible to use “filtering” features, such as preventing access to certain Websites.
  • When multiple computers access the same website, the cache can be used to reduce the communication burden by eliminating the need to retrieve the same data.
  • Anonymous access to the Internet is possible through proxy servers, which are proxy servers.
  • Although proxy servers have these advantages, there are some points to be aware of.
  1. If the proxy server is malicious, data can be stolen.
  2. Communication speeds may be reduced if the proxy is a server located overseas.
  3. If the proxy is vulnerable to communication load, the server may fail.
  4. Although proxy servers have various security advantages, it is important to understand the precautions that must be taken.

How to configure proxy servers in Windows 10

To set up a proxy, first, open the Start menu by clicking on ‘Start’ in the lower left corner of the Windows 10 screen, and then click on the ‘Settings’ icon.

  • Tap ‘Network and Internet’ on the Settings screen.
  • Tap ‘Proxy’ in the menu displayed as a list on the left to open the proxy settings screen.
  • If you change ‘Automatically detect settings’ to ‘On’ on the displayed screen, a proxy server will be installed in Windows 10.

Getting Around Proxy Settings Issues in Windows 10

Windows 10 has many pre-installed standard apps. However, many people may not use most of them at all. Moreover, there are some standard apps that can be deleted and some that cannot. In this article, we will explain how to delete standard applications and what standard applications should not be deleted.

It is OK to delete standard Windows 10 apps

Windows 10 comes with many pre-installed standard apps. You can check the pre-installed apps by clicking “Settings” > “Apps” from the “Start” menu.

Among these standard applications, those that are not needed can be removed. For example, if you do not play games on your computer, you can delete game-related apps such as the “Microsoft Solitaire Collection”; if you do not use Microsoft’s Xbox home gaming console, you do not need the Xbox-related standard apps. If you do not create or print 3D artwork, standard 3D-related apps such as “3D Builder” and “Print 3D” may also be used infrequently.

Thus, deleting unnecessary standard apps will free up HDD space, make your Windows 10 PC run more lightly, and make the app list cleaner and easier to see.

Delete Windows 10 standard apps 

Some standard Windows 10 apps can be deleted as-is, while others can only be deleted using the “Windows PowerShell” CUI.

For apps that can be deleted as-is, go to the “Start” menu and click “Settings” > “Apps” to display the list of apps. Next, select the icon of the app you wish to remove, and “Uninstall” will appear at the bottom, so simply click here to remove the app.

Standard apps that cannot be deleted are removed using Windows PowerShell.

There are some apps that cannot be removed by selecting the app icon, as the “Uninstall” button is grayed out and cannot be selected. Such apps can be removed by entering the “Windows PowerShell” command introduced earlier.

Windows PowerShell” can be started by entering “PowerShell” in the search field of the “Start” menu and clicking “Windows PowerShell” in the search results.

Once “Windows PowerShell” is launched, a screen will open, and you can enter commands to delete the application. Typical commands are as follows

Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Get-AppxPackage *MicrosoftSolitaireCollection* | remove-appxpackage

Xbox Game Bar

Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay* | remove-appxpackage

Xbox Live

Get-AppxPackage *Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI* | remove-appxpackage


Get-AppxPackage camera | remove-appxpackage

Groove music

ZuneMusic* | remove-appxpackage

3D Builder

Get-AppxPackage 3d | Remove-AppxPackage

Print 3D

Print3D” Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.

3D Viewer

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Microsoft3DViewer | remove-appxpackage

How do I restore a standard application that I accidentally deleted?

Some standard applications should not be deleted. For example, “Mail/Calendar,” “Microsoft Store Experience Host,” and “App Installer” are representative of standard apps that should not be removed.  

However, even if such a standard app is accidentally deleted, it can be restored by obtaining and installing the app from the “Microsoft Store.

To do so, select “Microsoft Store” from the “All Apps” menu in the “Start” menu. When the screen appears, type the name of the app you wish to revive into the search button at the top. Once the app you want to restore is displayed, click “Get” and the app will be downloaded and installed.


Some standard apps pre-installed in Windows 10 may be unused. By deleting them, you can save HDD space on your computer and make the list of apps easier to read. However, there are some standard apps that should not be deleted, so be very careful when deleting them.

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