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The article Proof BTS Photocards provides details about their most recent album, as well as information about the k-pop photocards.

Are you the person who comments on every BTS post online with a purple heart? Are you waiting for their new release? Within a few hours, BTS’s new song had risen to the top of audio streaming services in countries such as United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, India. Then here is the article Proof BTS Photocards  for ardent BTS K-pop fans.

The photocards

The photocards mean a card with the picture of an idol, but that picture will be an exclusively new one, which will not be available in any sources other than photocards. Kpop music producers started this trend of selling the stars’ photocards along with the music albums. 

Now the world-famous BTS music gang has released their new anthology album, “Proof.” While buying the album, people can get proof photocards as freebies.

Two 8.5cm x 5.5cm photocards will be distributed along with the music album. 

  • Photocard A will be randomized out of 8
  • Photocard B will be randomized out of 7.

BTS Proof Tracklist

Proof album was released in three CDs on June 10, 2022.

  • Track list from CD 1: Bornsinger , No More Dream , N.O , Boy In Luv , Danger , Ineed U , Run , Fire, Blood Sweatandtears , Spring Day , DNA, Fake Love , Idol,  Boywithluv , On , Dynamite , LifeGoesOn , Butter , YetToCome 
  • CD 2: Run BTS, IntroPersona, Stay, Moon, Jamaisvu, Trivia, BTSCipherPart3, Outroego, Her, Filter, Friends, Singularity, Zero, Euphoria, Dimple 
  • CD3:  Jump, Aemehansai, BoyInLuv, Ttaompyo, INeedu, BoyzWithFun, TonyMontana, YoungForever, SpringDay, DNA, Epiphany, Seesaw, StillWithYou, ForYouth


The Proof BTS Photocards have been in the trending google searches because the BTS proof album was released yesterday, and the fans are eagerly waiting to buy the album and the photocards. This album commemorates the 9-year BTS musical journey by releasing their past 9 years of songs as an anthology series.

The preorders for the album and the freebie photocards started on May 5 at 11 KST. The preorders can be booked via the we-verse hop app. But the album is now released on online music streaming services, and the CD& photocards can be bought from Amazon, Ubuy, etc.

Information about the album

The cost of Proof BTS Photocards will be added along with the proof album. Fans can get those postcards while buying the whole album.

  • For global BTS fans, the album is available in two types.
  • The standard edition costs about $51.
  • The Proof set edition is approximately 68.93 dollars.
  • The album is available in the United States in,
  • The compact edition costs $20.90.
  • The Standard edition costs $65.90.

The proof album contains the 3 CDs, photographs, photocards (a and b), epilogue, lyrics, postcards, posters, outer box, and proof art.


Thus, the article Proof BTS Photocards provided information, The BTS album is trending on all streaming services. They started their official musical journey in 2013, so they decided to celebrate their nine musical years. 

They faced much discrimination and criticism during their initial period, but now the world recognizes their talent because hard work always pays off. For more information

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