Project Starfish DC {Aug} Must Know About Force-X!

Project Starfish DC {Aug} Must Know About Force-X! >> Do you want to know who is project Starfish in the Suicide Squad movie. Then do check out this blog.

The news had been spread around the United States and United Kingdom people about the topic of The suicide squad. Yes, you read right! Finally, after years of patience, the James Gun had eagerly anticipated a superhero movie. 

So, basically, how about Project Starfish DC is linked with this news. Well, we will try to give a clear explanation concerning this in the matter provided below. While in brief, a project Starfish in a suicide squad is a bad guy’s who are very strange. While for further clear information, scroll down!

What Is Project Starfish?

The suicide squad, aka the task force X, was asked to visit Corto Maltese, and this was because of Project Starfish. The squad was allotted the task to sneak onto the stated island, and after this, they were asked to infiltrate Jotunheim. The Jotunheim is a tower located in the island heart on which the project was based. So Project Starfish DC relates to the Suicide squad this way.

The Project was run down by a better-known villainous thinker named Gaius Grieves. The Project carried the task of performing various unspeakable experiments over those people who were trying to rebel contrary to the ruling family Corto Maltese’s 

About The Starro (The Conqueror):

Starro, the conqueror, was the first villain introduced to the battle named Justice League America. This character depicts a Starfish colossal, which is familiar to an alien who can generate parasitic clones miniature that joins themselves with the host’s face, allowing the Conqueror to command the host. 

So this is also linked with the Project Starfish DC

Starro was the first one to get featured in the Universe DC in 1960. He is a hyper-smart alien in lifeforms, appearing as a big giant Starfish which is blue. Additionally, he is responsible for forming the organic team of the Justice League. This League was made to get an effort to get him down.


Starro is a hilarious creature due to his ridiculousness. He is a cerulean, gaint Starfish. But also, he is noted to be a fucking terrifying one. He works well the Character of the villain in the movie.

Brief Notes On Project Starfish DC:

The experiment by this project involves a physic Starfish that US astronauts in outer space discover. However, the alien named Bizarre can produce miniature versions. This version attaches itself to the face of unfortunate hosts.

The ending of the Suicide Squad has a big twist. So you may go and watch for it if interested.

Watch early access to the Suicide Squad trailer:


That’s all you must be aware of about the Suicide Squad and its project briefly. The Project Starfish DC is a character by Starro name. 

We had presented well the entire explanation concerning this project in the note above.

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