Prohot Reviews {Sep 2022} Know Its Legitimacy Here!

The article mentions everything related to the store, products, and Prohot Reviews and mentions whether one should purchase from this store or not.

Do you search for different kinds of electronics? Are you searching for a TV, gadget or gaming console that you have been waiting to purchase for a long time? The online website we will discuss today has various electronics in its store, which one can purchase and give their home a modern and innovative look. People in the United States look for websites daily to find their favourite gadgets at the best deal available. We will reflect on Prohot Reviews for the buyers.

About Prohot

Prohot is an online electronics website with various electronics items such as cameras, LED TV, spotlight cameras for outdoors, kitchen equipment and other varieties. These home improvement items are essential for general purposes and to give the homes a modern innovative look. For gamers, this website is a boon as they have a wide variety of items for the gamers. The website claims to provide fast and free shipping.


  • Domain dated on- the store’s formation date is not mentioned anywhere on the site.
  • URL-
  • Social networking platform- we missed to see any pages on the internet that can answer Is Prohot Legit.
  • Address attributes- 116 Mile End Rd, Stepney Green, London E1 4UN, United Kingdom.
  • Payment system- payments are made using credit cards and PayPal. 
  • Return plans- we have found a 30 days refund policy guidelines mentioned.
  • Refund plans- the days the refunds will be processed are not mentioned.
  • Email
  • Shipping and delivery plans- the items are expected to be delivered within 5 to 10 business days.

The dominance of the website

  • Prohot is an online store having various ranges of electronics.
  • The store claims to sell authentic products, and one can easily purchase them.

Drawbacks based on Prohot Reviews

  • Prohot has received a terrible trust school, which shows the buyers’ lack of trust in the website.
  • It is shocking to see no domain date mentioned on the site, and we do not know when the store was founded.
  • The address details mentioned do not mention the online electronic shop

Is Prohot a well-founded E-Commerce online shop?

Prohot has all the products that one needs to innovate their home. But the question lies in whether the store is authentic or not. For that, we are trying to gather Prohot Reviews so that the buyers can quickly get a brief idea of what the online store sells.

  • Domain year- the website’s domain year is unknown and nowhere present.
  • Trust tally- we found the trust index to be only one percent.
  • Alexa rank- the Alexa score rank of the website is 6680922.
  • False contents found- the items in this store are not false, but we cannot comment on the authenticity.
  • Address ligitness- the address details provided do not have anything related to the online store; hence, we do not think the details are legit.
  • Social media whereabouts- we have no related information about any Instagram or Facebook pages that can answer the doubts concerning IsProhot Legit.
  • Owners details- the exact information about the owner is not provided on the web page.
  • Unrealistic discounts- no discounts are allowed on any of the products sold on this website.
  • Reviews- it is shocking, but this store has not received a single review from the buyers.

Buyer’s Reviews 

The store has lots of products for the buyers and the customers, but we have found that it has failed to draw their attention towards itself. Whether the products sold are authentic or not, we have no idea regarding the same as there are no reviews mentioned by the customers anywhere on the internet. In this case, we have failed to gather Prohot Reviews, but if we find any future reviews related to the products, we will surely update them in this post.

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Finish Line

We end this post by saying that the site missed its chance and does not seem a legit site, and one must not purchase anything from this shop. Instead, people must trust authentic stores and purchase their requirements from those websites. We failed to found any Prohot Reviews. What are your opinions on this website? Comment below and refer here How to Get a Refund on a Credit Card.

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