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If you are here to know the history and how the Pro Bowlers Organization got successful, go through the article below. 

Do you also want to know the PBA organization and its working? Are you interested to see the history of this association? Today’s article will share all the facts and some amazing details about the Pro Bowlers Organization

This topic will be interesting for the people living in the United States that love sports as this organization is also formed in America. So let’s start by sharing what this association is.

What is Pro Bowlers Association? 

The Pro Bowlers Association (PBA) is a major association purposely made for the ten-pin bowling game in the United States. The headquarters of this association is located in Illinois and Chicago. There are a total of 3000 worldwide members all over the world of this association. And these members also include owners of pro shops and people competing in different leagues in this game. 

History about Pro Bowlers Organization.

In the early 1950s, bowling games were telecasted and presented on the television occasionally and weekly. But Eddie Elias wanted to change that and make bowling a professional game in the United States

So he started looking for people to donate for his new association. To start this organization, he got a total of $ 1650 from thirty-three people that listened and agreed to his speech, and each of them donated $50. 

How is PBA a great success? 

So as the organization started with just 33 men donating a total of $1650. At the starting Pro Bowlers Organization hosted around three tournaments in 1959, and slowly they started getting attention. The organization started growing, and then they hosted seven tournaments in 1960. And that is not the end. 

Then the PBA hosted approximately 35 tournaments in 1980. Eddie Elias supported and was involved in this organization till his death. The spirit of Elias leads the organization to a huge success. 

Some tours hosted by the PBA : 

  • PBA Tour
  • PBA50 Tour
  • PBA Regional Tour
  • PBA World Bowling Tour
  • PBA Women’s Regional Tour
  • PBA Jr.
  • PBA Women’s Series

PBA in the 21st Century 

As the organization was started growing and got more audience. The Pro Bowlers Organization was then purchased by Chris Peters (executive of Microsoft) in March 2000. Afterwards, the PBA was featured in many documentaries and shows. 

And on 10 September 2019, the Bowlero Corporation  purchased the Pro Bowlers Association. 


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