Pridesuper Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

This post contains reliable Pridesuper Reviews about the website that sells shoes on it.

Are you planning to order shoes from the Pridesuper store and are eager to learn about it? If you are, then join us here in this post.

There are many online shoe stores available in the United States e-commerce market, and Pridesuper is one. The website claims to provide unique shoes at the best prices. Moreover, you’ll find a wide collection of custom shoes in the store. So, if you want to add up more numbers in your shoe collection, keep reading these Pridesuper Reviews

What is Pridesuper?

Pridesuper is the business to customer online retail shop that offers shoes. On the e-store, people find a unique collection of footwear. In addition to this, the available products are made using premium quality leather to keep it original. 

Customers will find shoes for every occasion as well as for everyone under a single roof. Moreover, the website’s DIY shoe is different from the existing footwear collection. Besides that, the site deals in shoes and sells key chains for a bike under the gift section. 

The website has a special discount where the customers can get up to 55% off on the entire shoe collection.

In retrospect, the website has launched in October and has raised many doubts in our heads, such as Is Pridesuper Legit or a scam.  Altogether, the exclusive sale, attractive collection, and low prices seem to be its strategy to grab the shopper’s attention. 

What are the conditions of Pridesuper?

  • E-commerce site URL-
  • Domain verification time- 26/10/2021
  • Products- shoes 
  • Social media links- available 
  • Payment options- VISA, PayPal and MasterCard 
  • Delivery fee- free transportation on purchase above $69
  • Shipping period- standard 12-20 business days 
  • Item return policy- 30 days 
  • Order refund period- within a week 
  • Newsletter- provided 
  • Email address-
  • Company location- not disclosed 
  • Telephone number- not mentioned 

If you have plans to buy from this website, then it is advised you to follow these Pridesuper Reviews to the bottom line to ensure the e-store. 

What are the positive reasons for ordering from this website?

  • The site has a decent collection of shoes.
  • Presently shoppers can get exclusive discounts as well as special offers on the site’s offerings.
  • The site is HTTPS safe. 
  • The shipping is free on orders over $69.

What are the negative reasons for ordering from this website?

  • The useful details are missing from the website.
  • The website’s social media existence is not found. 
  • The domain is recently created.
  • There are no shoppers’ feedbacks available.
  • The site’s policy page does not hold any helpful details on it. 

Is Pridesuper Legit?

The United States audience is incredibly curious to learn about the authenticity of this website. It is recommended to the interested shoppers to go through all the parameters before sharing the card details on this website. However, the Pridesuper store’s drawbacks list indicates that the website needs more investigation. 

Here are the following points that reveal the site’s actual purpose.

  • Domain verification date- The site has mentioned that it emerged in 2008, but its domain name was newly registered on 26/10/2021.
  • Customer remarks- As per the analysis, no customer’s Pridesuper Reviews are published on the website. 
  • Domain validity- The website’s domain name will expire on 26/10/2022.
  • Social media icons- The available social media icons contain deceptive links as they take you to the respective portals’ post-sharing interface. 
  • Content quality- Many scamming portals have shared the available content. 
  • Alexa rank- The site’s rank is 3072958.
  • Address originality- The website does not disclose its location. 
  • Trust rank- the e-store has achieved a low rank; 61.8/100.
  • Trust score- The gained score is low that is 1%.

What are the customers’ Pridesuper Reviews?

While searching for the reviews on the authorized website, we remain empty-handed as there is no spot of shoppers’ remarks found. But, on the website, the pop-ups appear that contain information about its recent sell. However, this website is also not popular on the internet as there is no information available from external sources. 

Therefore, those who want to apply for a refund via PayPal can find it here.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, for the shoe lovers, the site holds an exclusive collection on it. But we do not suggest our readers shop from this portal as it appears to be a highly questionable site. 

We have provided in-depth details about the website in these Pridesuper Reviews to help readers make wise decisions. Thus, if you want your amount back via credit card, then check here. 

Do you have to share anything with us about this e-store? Kindly post your remarks below. 

18 thoughts on “Pridesuper Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?”

  1. I got my pride super “Hey dudes” I say that loosely since they are neither hey dudes or really what I would call shoes. I keep laughing thinking about them. For 1 they were not the design I ordered. I ordered 2 of the same pair. 1 for me and another for a friend. What I got was 2 completely different shoes and neither were the right design. Heck, they aren’t even close to what I ordered at all. For 2 they are not the right size. For 3 they have the absolute worst smell. Very chemical and strong. I coughed when I smelled them. For 4 they have basically styrofoam soles and really look like if I put them on and walked that they would just separate. For 5 they feel and look like a burlap sack. I’m not sure what their end game is. No one will get these and think, wow! These are great shoes made well. I’m lucky I used PayPal so I know I will get a refund. But yikes! Pride super is basically Sharon’s Marie calendar pie. So I guess thanks Marie calendar for ruining my order 😂😂

    • Hello Bria, oh, it’s horrible. Hearing such incidents feels, it’s out of imagination. Did you reach for a refund? Spending huge money and in return, the buyers will get such low-quality products will lead to disappointment. Thanks for the update. Your detailed information will help the other buyers to know the exact scenario of the portals. Be careful Thanks & regards. Take care.

    • Bria, I had the same experience. I ordered a grey cheetah print Hey Dude Shoe on 11/26. I got an e-mail saying they were shipped but no tracking information was ever available through the link they have. I emailed them at the end of December questioning where the shoes were and why I could not track them. No response. Just today, a pair of shoes came. They’re terribly made and not Hey Dudes. They aren’t even the pattern ordered, they are just plain grey. This website is a total SCAM!

      • Hello Staci, thanks for the detailed message. These are the tricks they use and grab the money from the buyers. So it can be suggested, be careful. Because the products they showcase on the portal are different from the dispatched ones. Take care. Regards.

  2. I ordered shoes on nov 28th never received them.
    I cant get anyone to help me or reply back to me.
    This was a Christmas present for my daughter she was looking forward to getting her shoes.
    Just sad i dont have a lot of money this was 1 of the 3 things she got for Christmas.


    • Hello Robin Massey, Did you get any confirmation mail from them? We feel sad, even kids are not able to get their gifts. You can go for a refund amount. Hope you get the desired gift for your daughter. Thanks. Take care.

  3. Do not waste your money purchasing anything from this site. The shoes they sent were not the brand they advertised and I’m fairly certain if anyone would actually wear them they would fall apart. These weren’t hey dudes they were hey duds and getting a refund is nearly impossible. It’s a scam!

    • Hello Autumn Brownfield, Did you find any exchange policy? Feel sad, the buyers are getting such low-quality products despite spending a huge amount. Please check if they have any policy, else check for the genuine site in the future. Be careful. Thanks.

  4. Oh I have a LOT to say about this illegimate company! If I could post photos of the “Hey Dudes” shoes I received yesterday, I would! This company is an ABSOLUTE FRUAD and 100% SCAM!! They’re made of cheap material and I would never put those on my feet!

    The product I received came in a plastic white bag, the shoes were inside of a clear bag, I pulled one shoe from the bag and laughed with disgust! I was so angry that when I called my husband inside to see what I received he thought HE was in trouble. I had waited an entire month to recieve these “Hey Dudes” shoes and not to mention they were xmas presents and I open the bag to see that crap!

    I emailed the immediately and professed my anger and dissatisifaction and demanded a refund. I also contacted Paypal and filed a claim on the purchase and received a full refund within 24 hours.
    This was their response:
    1:57 AM (5 hours ago)

    Hello dear customer

    According to the pictures provided, it can be seen that although the shoes do not have a logo, the quality and materials of the shoes are quite good. Could you please try it on? It should feel better on your feet. If you are willing to keep the product, we can provide a 20% refund as compensation. Please ask your opinion and wait for your reply.

    I’m a fairly easy person to do business with and almost never complain about anything, but this company is an absolute joke! DO NOT BOTHER SHOPPING THE ONLINE STORE – it’s a waste of time and energy.

    • Hello Brandy Urbina, Thanks for the detailed and valuable information. We feel good, you receive a full refund from PayPal. It can be suggested, do check the portal reviews and then proceed to the transaction. Thanks & regards.

  5. Jacy
    Jan. 8, 2022
    I wish I had read all these reviews before I ordered these shoes. Buyer beware! These were not Hey Dudes what I received were knock-offs. Feel lucky if you receive them in 4 weeks, mine were a lot longer in coming to me. I ordered these for my granddaughter foe Christmas and plenty early I thought. They just came. I had no idea they were coming from China somewhere. They were not only not real Hey Dudes the sizing was all wrong and now she can’t wear them. If you’re thinking of ordering from this sight I have one thing to say. DON’T DO IT!

  6. My son had ordered 2 pair of shoes on Christmas day for his uncle and himself. We just received these shoes and is not anything that it said it was. The material is cheap and they are not comfortable. He has sent an email to get information on a return and has not received any emails about that. What do we have to do get these returned and refunded??


    • Hello TRISHA SCAVO, thanks for the detailed message. It is good, you receive your money back. Buyers, go through the above feedback and stay away from them. Check for authentic portals and get quality products. Thank you. Take care.


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