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Do you want to know about Price is Right? Do you want to know the next contestant for this? If yes, do not skip this article; you must read this and gain all the information on today’s topic. 

From last 50 years, Price is Right being famous in the United States and Canada audience. It joined the fun price guessing stage. 

Further, we will tell you about the celebrated milestone and the CBS flagship game, then read the article Price Is Right 50TH Anniversary.  

Come on down – tour

CBS flagship game appeared on the 50-stop road, all around the world from coming on down tour. This event will take the show and the fan-loved games to the major cities in the US. All kicks happen on a Friday, with Santa Monica Pier show complete with the pacific park Ferris wheel to begin the event celebrations. 

The game time will explore the famous locales since it holds the signature games such as cliff hangers and Plinko directly to the viewers as per the reports from The Price Is Right 50TH Anniversary Special.

Every special center stops around its importance with the unique American landmark for the world’s big basket. This tour event will mark the show opportunity for the give-back show. The contestants continue competing for the showcase with the grand prize of $50,000. Along with the contestants, the fans responsible for supporting the local communities also win the prize. Price is Right provides the awards to the business tied to the 1972 year. This was the year when the show began on CBS. 

Price is Right: Positivity and Unique games

Price is right is the staple game under Price Is Right 50TH Anniversary. All the thanks of the inception go towards the games’ uniqueness and positivity, allowing the general air for the participants to play. The signature formula is used for calling down members, and they get the chance to win the rewards, spin the wheel, to play in the showdown. 

It is the longest-tenured and even broadcasted game that the female produces. This event show has given around $300 million in the span prizes on CBS while remains the daytime show on the top-rated network television. 

Price Is Right 50TH Anniversary

Here all reports come about the Price is the right, staple game that gain a lot of the positive feedback from the participants due to its uniqueness and positivity. The participants also used the signature formula to win prizes by spinning the wheels. 


In this article, we tell you about Price is Right. In the end, it is concluded that this event shows gaisn the massive success of the broadcasted and long-tenured game. It is also determined that it is a top-rated daytime show on the network television. For more information, you can click here.

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