Prevent Cold Sores Naturally: Tips and Tricks

Why do you get cold sores virus? It happens because the skin is exposed to this virus, also known as herpes simple. It can appear anytime on your skin, even after it’s cured. So you must know cold sores prevention tips that can aid you in the long run. 

Burning and itching sensations are the alarm of this virus appearing around your mouth area, but you can prevent it through basic home treatment. Such as applying a cold compress and wearing SPF lip balm. Or you can even go for fast and effective treatment methods like light therapy.

This blog will guide you with the best prevention tips to tackle cold sore issues. 

The Most Effective Cold Sore Prevention Tips to Know

Multiple tips can help you gradually eliminate cold sores without pain and suffering. Here are some cost-effective treatments approved by dermatologists and experts. 

Apply Petroleum Jelly

This remedy can aid you in preventing and treating the crack and dry skin caused by sores. It aids in softening the skin around your mouth and keeps it hydrated without any side effects. That’s not all; it even prevents itchiness and shortens the time duration of this virus. 

Expert’s Tip: While applying the jelly, press gently, or it might burst, which can become a nightmare! 

Light Therapy

Cold sores can be treated with light therapy as they can circulate the blood and oxygen flow. Red light therapy is engineered to cure active breakouts and prevent future sore attacks. Moreover, the device accelerates the body’s healing properties and strengthens the immune system gradually. 

It even boosts the mitochondria, the vital cells, to generate energy for different biochemicals in your blood cells. These energized cells can repair skin and heal more effectively by generating new growing cells. 

This treatment can be magic for your skin, stimulating collagen production by increasing blood circulation in muscle tissues. 

Clean your Hands

Applying any antiviral or healing compounds includes touching, so washing your hands is a must! Germs and dirt can trigger your cold sires, worsening the condition. Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and rinse them before applying a compress, lip balm, or anything else. And avoid frequent touches on your infected areas (even if your hands are clean) as it’ll only aggravate the condition. 

Wear Appropriate Lip Balm 

Cold sores mostly appear around the mouth, so wearing appropriate lip balm can quickly fight this virus! The SPF balm contains compounds that aid in protecting from sun exposure damage. Sunlight can worsen the cold sore by exposing you to sweat and direct sunlight. 

However, natural lemon extract or lip balm can also boost healing. It contains antiviral properties that can fight against the virus without causing severe irritation. 

Fact: Applying lemon balm in the early stages reduces the redness, and positive research has also been found!

Cold Compress

Cold compress soothes simple herpes (cold sores), reducing the infected area’s swelling, discoloration, and redness. Placing ice cubes in the early stages is an incredible hack that decreases pain and other symptoms. 

However, don’t use ice directly on the cold sores as it can freeze and burn the skin. It’s better to wrap the ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply it to the affected area to reduce the intensity. We recommend using a reusable gel ice pack for ten minutes to compress cold sores. 

Intake Vitamin C

Vitamins are vital for your body function and are known for healing properties, especially vitamin C. This component can be found in various creams, pill forms, and fruits.

So you can choose to apply the cream on the affected area or heal it naturally and faster by taking fruits and pills. 

The antioxidants make the immune system more muscular, vital to healing wounds. Moreover, citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, and tomatoes, are rich in vitamin C. These can be consumed directly without cooking to cure cold sores swiftly. 

You also must not refrain from taking soft foods, as simple herpes can trigger the burning or itching sensation in the affected area. So it’s better to take salads with spinach, peppers, and broccoli for high vitamin C and protein to fight against this virus. 

Aloe vera gel

We are suggesting market-based aloe vera gel. However, you must use the natural gel directly on your skin to get the best results. Aloe vera can be used on the skin for sunburn and healing cold sores as it contains “the essential” antiseptic properties. Applying it 2 to 3 times daily will be enough to show effective results. 

Aloe vera gel can also boost the immune system when absorbed by the skin and trigger the blood cells to reduce healing components present in your blood cells. Moreover, the texture of this gel ease discomfort and aid in healing simple herpes. 

Note: Applying chilled or slightly cold aloe vera gel on the affected area can relieve burning and itching.

Tee Tree and Peppermint Oil

Tee tree oil has antiseptic properties that naturally help seal the cold sores by drying out. It contains properties to fight against the bacteria to treat the affected area. Also, peppermint oil restrains herpes virus activity because it has antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. 

Its fighting components can also reduce redness, kill bacteria, and soothe burning sensations. After application, you may feel a cold sensation (as it also comes with cooling properties), which helps for a robust immune system.  

These natural oils play the upper hand in drying the sores and nourishing the skin by keeping it hydrated. 

Bottom Line 

Cold sores are contagious, and you must avoid skin exposure at all costs! Simple herpes can appear due to a weak immune system, stress, and even an unhealthy diet. Although there are several natural treatments that you can try, if you want to see a fast cure, then light therapy is your ultimate alternative. It directly boosts the blood cells to cure cold sores naturally. Yet, you can always consult with an expert before taking this treatment

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