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Please read this write-up to learn about Prepwell Academy Shark Tank about the appearance of a preparatory body that deals with training high-school students.

Are you a businessperson? Or do you want to establish a startup project soon? Do you follow the popular business-related reality show? Are you keen on learning about its products? Then, please read on to get all the necessary details.

In this report, we have talked about one of the products featured in the renowned business reality TV series. Citizens, especially students from many nations, including the United States, want to learn about the services. Therefore, please read this account to get complete information about Prepwell Academy Shark Tank.

About Prepwell Academy’s Appearance in Shark Tank

Prepwell academy, an online platform dedicated to preparing high-school students, was featured on Shark Tank in 2020. The founder of PrepWell pitched his demanded value to get financial aid from the investors, or “sharks.”

Phil Black, the man behind PrepWell, mentioned that his project aimed to help teenagers decide their future with clarity. However, the sharks did not agree with his notions, and he did not get the contract. Nonetheless, Phil strived to continue his business, and PrepWell is gaining popularity. 

How Much is Prepwell Academy Worth?

When Phil entered Shark Tank, he projected the net worth of his academy as $500,000. He pitched for the contribution of 20% of this value from the investors. In other words, he demanded $100,000 from the “sharks.”

Although PrepWell did not win the hearts of the Shark Tank investors, Phil increased his sales successfully. According to the Internet sources, till the last fiscal year, the annual sales of PrepWell are more than $900,000.

What is PrepWell?

PrepWell is an online platform that trains students from grades 9 and 10 for their future. The portal is available as a website and a mobile application. It gained more popularity after the Prepwell Academy Shark Tank appearance. 

Subscribed students can view short videos that are three to five minutes long. These videos counsel the teenagers to have clarity about their further engagement. The monthly subscription charge of PrepWell is $14.95. 

Who is the Founder of PrepWell?

The creator of PrepWell is Phil Black. After pursuing his MBA at the Business School at Harvard, he took up many projects. These included fire-fighting, serving the Navy, college athletics, investment banking, etc. 

He got the idea about starting PrepWell after counseling his teenage sons. His platform has a high Prepwell Academy Worth due to his dedication. Phil personally gives one on one counseling sessions to the students. The videos help the students and parents to decide their future course of action. 

Why Was Prepwell Academy at Shark Tank Unsuccessful?

Phil Black had formerly participated in Shark Tank in 2014. It was to attract the investors’ attention to a fitness-based project called FitDeck. Thus, the investors knew his logical approach. However, the sharks in 2020 thought that PrepWell was not worth investing in. They believed Phil could not convince them regarding the profits this project would make.

The Closing Thoughts About Prepwell Academy Shark Tank

PrepWell’s failure in Shark Tank did not restrict Phil Black from growing his business. It is evident from his social media handles that PrepWell is eventually gaining fame. Also, the platform helps numerous students decide about their future and get into good colleges. 

Are you a PrepWell subscriber? Please share your experiences and reviews in the section below.

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