Pre Order Lego Star Wars Edition {April} Find Ways Here!

The brand-new LEGO video game is coming. Here is more about Pre Order Lego Star Wars Edition in this article.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you want to relive your favorite film moment through the lego video game? 

Gamers from Canada, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and all were waiting for the Lego Star Wars known as The Skywalker Saga. Finally, after multiple delays, the game is going to be released. Here is an article to help you Pre Order Lego Star Wars Edition

Release date and pre-order

After much delay and long anticipation, the game is all set to release and will be available on various platforms by April 5, 2022. 

The Lego Star Wars known as The Skywalker Saga launch time may vary according to your location, time zones, and platform of choice. It will be available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, etc. Various pre-order bonuses and options are available if you buy a physical edition. 

Pre-orders and bonuses:

  • Pre-order through Best Buy: access to a Steelbook case featuring Han Solo frozen in Carbonite.
  • GameStop: Poe Dameron’s X-wing fighter Lego mini-figure.
  • Retail and digital versions ( Standard edition): Obi-wan character. 
  • Pre Order Lego Star Wars Editionretail and digital versions ( Deluxe edition): Classic Obi-Wan and Character collection bundle DLC packs.

Game size

In order to enjoy playing a game to its fullest, your device must have the necessary space to accommodate the game. For example, to play Lego Star Wars known as The Skywalker Saga Steam edition, you will need nearly 40 GB of space. 

If you play PlayStation and Xbox editions, the file size will be 38.18GB, whereas, for Nintendo Switch, it will be only 14GB. You may need a little more space on the launch day. Also, the game size will vary depending on the platform you play on.

Pre Order Lego Star Wars Edition: what to expect from the game?

The game will feature all nine entries of the Skywalker saga, which allows the players to enjoy their favorite moments from the film series in Lego form. 

With this game, all Star Wars fans can relive some of the most significant moments from the series! With all the anticipation and available description of the game, there is no doubt that the gamers are in for a fun-filled adventure and a thrilling experience of saving the galaxy! The game launch has been delayed multiple times before, and fans’ curiosity has been peaked. 

Considering the buzz surrounding the game, we can say that you will not be disappointed if you Pre Order Lego Star Wars Edition. The game will be a thrill for gamers and a nostalgic ride for Star Wars fans!

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The most anticipated video game Lego Star Wars known as The Skywalker Saga feature is releasing today on April 5. You can pre-order it through various platforms like Best Buy and GameStop. Gamers worldwide are all set to experience fun-filled adventures and whimsical humor in the upcoming LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga video game. However, the release time may be differentand vary depending on your region.

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