Postoffice-GB Scam (March 2022) All About The New Scam!

The post talks about Postoffice-GB Scam and elaborates on other details and how to stay protected.

The internet has made the workings across the world quite easy. It is much easier to send a package and track its location with access to the Internet. However, it has also led to several scams happening worldwide. One such scam that has come to the surface and happened in the United Kingdom is that of the UK post office scam.

As per reports, the scammers share a scam text to customers asking for a fee required to redeliver the package. In this article, we will be sharing in detail about Postoffice-GB Scam. Read below to learn more.

What Are Online Scams?

Scams are a way for individuals and fraudsters to lure people into believing in them and later duping their money. The modus operandi used by scammers include either phishing or sharing a text message to customers on their email or phone asking to either pay a fee to register or fill in details.

These details are usually financial, later copied along with a security code to loot money. In the coming section, we will be elaborating about the Postoffice-GB Scam and presenting your ways to stay protected from the scams.

More Details About The GB Scam

As per sources, the scammers have phished the website of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the phishing website claims to be sent from the UK post office claims to the users about the package pending delivery.

In addition, the customer is asked for a re-delivery fee of £1.45 along with providing other banking details such as security code and credit card number. However, if the user goes on to share the details, they soon find the information to be used fraudulently for duping them of money.

Postoffice-GB Scam – Users’ Feedback

As per sources, users receive the following text stating “that the parcel is still waiting to be delivered. Herein, please confirm the total settlement of £1.45 by visiting the”

Herein, users have stated their experience, highlighting how they received a similar message. Furthermore, a few highlighted checking the message and finding it odd as he had not ordered anything. Another user highlights waiting for another delivery through Royal Mail and found the grammar in the message to be odd. And hence ignored the Postoffice-GB Scam.

In addition, customers also highlighted receiving messages from numbers such as 447517814420 or 447756934847 and similar ones.

The Concluding Thoughts

Scams have become prevalent over the days. Herein scammers make the customers believe in their fraud by luring them to share their personal details, including credit card numbers and security codes.

It is recommended to everyone to check the details properly, the grammar of the sentence and check the information. Besides, do not share any details about your card with anyone.

Want to inform more about Postoffice-GB Scam? Have you received a similar message on your email or phone for this internet fraud? Do share your experience and views in the comments section below. Also, learn how to avoid and stay protected from online scams.

4 thoughts on “Postoffice-GB Scam (March 2022) All About The New Scam!”

  1. I got a text. Wanted £1.45
    I was going to pay but did not have my bank card on me.
    Then when I checked more thoroughly I realised that non of the hyperlinks worked.

    • Hello Adrian., We appreciate your efforts of letting us know your experience about the device. Hopefully this would surely serve the purpose of spreading the word amongst the other buyers. Stay Safe.

  2. I received a message saying a delivery was attempted but no one was home and to visit postoffice-gb.couk to arrange new delivery. I have NOT done this as I was not even expecting a delivery!


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