[Unedited] Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos – Read Rhaylla Original!

This post’s content is based on internet Source viral news of Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos and Portal Zacarias Rhaylla Original video. 

Have you come across the brutal video of the 14-year-old girl? Do you know the other findings of the case? This news is making rounds of the internet recently because of its cruelty. People will learn more about this incident through this post. This incident has occurred in Brazil

Let us get into other details related to the Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos and find out the cause and repercussions of the case. Follow the article for the latest updates.

What is the Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos viral news? 

This piece of news was published on Portal Zacarias on 25 May 2020, giving the details of the happenings in detail. This incident was dated 3 years ago, but it has gone viral on social media in the past few days. According to the website, a teenage girl of 14-year-old Lenita Silva was found at Praia Dourada, Manuas West Zone. 

The girl was found on 24 May 2020, Sunday with bullets in different parts of her body,  including her head, Chest, and neck. Some passerby locality discovered the body and then reported it to the police. 

Portal Zacarias Rhaylla Original: Details 

Portal Zacarias reported a similar kind of case on 26 July 2022, where some men tortured a girl named Rhaylla. In the recorded video, the girl was screaming and asking for help when her fingers were getting chopped by the group of men. The video came into circulation when one of the people from Portal Zacarias sent the video to a WhatsApp user (92-99335-3954), and it got further spread out.

Despite the widespread, the original footage is still present on the Portal Zacarias of the gruesome crime scene. 

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Further details of the case :

In the Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos video, the girl was seen to be wearing a blouse, blue shorts, and a tattoo on her right arm. The tattoo was dedicated to Fernando, whose identity is unknown. Her family identified the body, and they informed her that the girl went out with her friends on Saturday but did not clarify her plans. Afterward, the police continued on the search for Her friends who were with her friends to find the culprit of the heinous crime. 

What are the public reviews of the online portal? 

The public is questioning its legitimacy and reliability on the internet and also searching for other related details. If the Portal Zacarias Rhaylla Original or the 14-year-old girl death video is real, proper investigation and people responsible for the girl’s death are demanded by the netizens. Portal Zacarias is a platform that publishes news related to barbaric crimes, explicit and violent videos, and image which is not appreciated on public platforms. So, we suggest viewers visit the site at your own risk. 

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Aside from these two, many other news content and videos are available on the Portal Zacarias. The viewers often question the platform’s legitimacy. Still, more evidence of the site being fake is needed. The Portal Zacarias Menina de 14 Anos news content and other pieces of news are highly concerning. 

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