Portacharge Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

If you came across this product through an ad or social media post, it would be best to read the Portacharge Reviews to know the truth.

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are on an important call, but it gets disconnected because your phone’s battery is dead? And now you don’t have a charger to charge it up? That is why mini porta chargers have come to the rescue.

Portacharge.com is an online website selling Porta Chargers that are lightweight and pocket-sized which can be easily tucked in your backpack, purse, or pocket. 

It is a United States-based company discussed and asked by many people. So, today in Portacharge Reviews, we will discuss the same and clear all your doubts. 

What is Portacharge.com?

Portacharge.com is an online website of Porta Charge company that deals in Porta Chargers capable of preventing your phone from being dead in at worst times. 

They have a Porta Charger Original and a Porta Charger Max. Users can also buy the ultimate 3-pack adapter kit or the Porta Charger USB cable. The company aimed at creating a powerful charger that people can take anywhere, and thus, they came up with the Porta Charger that can charge any mobile phone on the go. 

As far as the question Is Portacharge Legit is concerned, you must continue reading this article. 

The full guide on how to use the product, along with some tips for the best results, is mentioned on the website. And you can also get a discount code on the website. Currently, there is a 50% off sale active on the website. 

Specifications of Portacharge.com

  • URL: https://portacharge.com/ 
  • Domain age: registered by the owners on 16 May 2014, the domain age of this website is seven years, six months, and 26 days. 
  • Category: mini charger to charge on the way
  • Phone number: we mention in Portacharge Reviews that no contact number is listed on the website 
  • Email address: support@portacharge.com 
  • Company address: 143 Bordman Canfield Road #182 Boardman, OH 44512, United States
  • Social media icons present: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook handles are linked on the website directly, although the Instagram link does not work. 
  • Shipping and delivery policy: they do not ship outside of the US. Orders placed on weekdays are shipped the same day. And orders placed on weekends are shipped by Monday. However, the shipping may take up to 30-60 days for backorders or preorders. The tracking number is shared via email or text message. 
  • Accepted payment methods: we mention in Portacharge Reviews that the customers can make payments via shop pay, PayPal, credit cards, and Sezzle. 
  • Warranty policy: customers will have to purchase a lifetime warranty.
  • Return and refund policy: they do not offer any return or refund for any products. 
  • Exchange policy: customers can request an exchange within 14 days of order delivery. 
  • Cancellation policy: customers can contact customer service within 24 hours of order placement to cancel their order. 

Pros of Portacharge.com

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on products
  • Free Standard Shipping on all orders 
  • Discount codes accepted
  • Gift wrapping option available

Cons of Portacharge.com

  • No international shipping
  • Negative customer reviews

Is Portacharge Legit?

  • Domain age: 7 years, six months, and 26 days; 16/05/2014
  • Domain Expiry: 16/05/2022
  • Trust score: 86/100
  • Trust Score: 51.4/100 
  • Alexa global rank assigned: #156,331
  • Plagiarized content: we were unable to analyze all the content posted on the website
  • Customer policies: all the customer policies are stated on the website beforehand to avoid any confusion in the future
  • Customer reviews: mostly negative customer reviews are found regarding this company’s products and the website.
  • About Us page: there is no About Us page on the website
  • Owner’s information: no such data is revealed on the website 
  • Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Portacharge Reviews from the Users

We found mostly negative reviews from customers of this company on the platforms like Trustpilot. There is a rating of 2.9/5 stars. 

According to these reviews, the product does not function as promised and wastes money. Customers seemed to be frustrated over the company’s services and manufactured products as some of them never received their order. 

You can check their Facebook page and get to know more. If you have any queries or anything to share, comment down below. Also, read about the PayPal Scams.

The Final Verdict

So, today in the Portacharge Reviews article, we have analyzed portacharge.com completely and in-depth. 

The services of the website are questionable as per the negative reviews available. Customers have claimed that the product’s malfunction and that the company is a scam. Thus, we ask you to research thoroughly and read and wait for more customer reviews before shopping online from it. Also, read about Credit Card Scams.

17 thoughts on “Portacharge Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Legit Or A Scam?”

      • I placed an order for three of them for $150, they sent me text messages saying my order was being processed and to try to convince me to purchase more, keep in mind while I was browsing it said place your order now to receive it in 3 to 7 days after ordering I inquired about when will it ship on the fourth day. THEY EMAIL ME SAYING THEY DON’T KNOW, THEY USED MY FUNDS TO FUND THEIR PRODUCTION AND TO FULFILL OTHER BACK ORDERS, I LEGIT WAS IN DISBELIEF, THEY REFUSED TO REFUND ME, I’VE DISPUTED WITH MY BANK, FILED A BBB COMPLAINT AND FOUND OUT MY STORY IS THE EXACT SAME STORY MANY HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT SINCE 2019, I’VE ALSO FILED A COMPLAINT WITH OHIOS DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND CONSUMER FRAUD. JUST GO READ THE BBB COMPLAINTS AND GOOGLE REVIEWS. DISGUSTING!

  1. I have to say I am very disappointed in the company. Seem friendly but then got spammed with SMS messages to increase the order to compare with what other customers ordered. Then the guarantee add on. Then got a message the USPS lost my order…followed by “just kidding” but do I want to add insurance. Have yet to receive my order. Got another tracking link but when tried it says the tracking # isn’t legitimate.
    Very sad as claims to be a USA company which we would like to support.
    Unfortunately, they don’t have all the fine print on their cancellation or return policies to see up front before you sign up.
    Best not to use a debit purchase…again, learned the hard way.
    Bottom line .don’t get Scrooged with this one.

    • Hello Gloria Gary, thanks for the detailed message. Buyers, be aware and check the portal details twice. It will take some time to know which is better, but you will get a good one. Please update, if any, the details you get. Take care.

  2. I will be doing the same as Rochelle. Ordered 8 for Xmas gifts and did not get them in time. Ordered on the 9th and was told I’d have them in 5-7 days and they didn’t even ship till the 14th. Then they shipped USPS of all sources. No way we would get this in time. When I finally did, I saw they are junk. They are too heavy for the magnet to hold the charger on the phone (would not have ordered if I knew this was a magnet system) and I have to hold it in manually in order for it to charge. Tried out a few of the 8 I ordered, same thing. This is a scam and they need to be shut down.

  3. Stay away from Portacharger, they didn’t get it to me when promised, they refused to cancel order. They stated funds had been used to buy more product. When I finally received it was a defective product. Doesn’t charge phone more than 30 percent. They refuse to refund anything. I will be contacting Ohio Better Business Bureau. Be careful there website claims most customers happy. Hard to believe.

  4. BUYERS BEWARE! I am still waiting over a month for my order. They were supposed to be Christmas gifts. When I make, now daily, inquiries, I get computer-generated responses telling me that my order is being processed. I then asked for a refund and was told that my payment as gone to fund orders and they can not return it, so now I have no products and am out the $100 I spent. I need to stop shopping the ads on Facebook. They are nothing but scammers. I will try to get the charges reversed by my credit card company and report them to BBB, but BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

    • Hello DLW, thanks for the update and suggestion for the buyers. Try for a refund and get your money back. They must be caught and proper action must be taken. Please drop an update. Thank you. Take care.

  5. I ordered 10 porta charges on Dec 13, 2021 and was told they’d be here before Christmas. Well, here it is Jan 13, 2022 and no word from anyone. I paid nearly $300 for nothing.

  6. Just lamenting what many of the previous posts on this site indicated: ordered and paid for 6 PortaCharge on 12/2/2021 as Christmas gifts; continued email streams apologizing they are behind in shipping but will arrive…and here we are on 1/14/2022 and no product. Initiating a reversal of my credit card charges for this fraudulent activity. Interesting note, their website contains a ‘tracking’ module, which as of yesterday, I noticed it has been disabled. BUYER BEWARE!

  7. Total scam. Bought two chargers and they never sent them and won’t return emails about a refund. Of course no phone number because it’s a scam. Don’t buy. And next xmas I will warn everyone of this scam.


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