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Thousands of websites are registered to share knowledge and provide the latest information on trending topics. Popthai.w3spaces.com is a website from Thailand that gained zero↓ Alexa ranking and a poor visitor count, according to Tranco’s traffic rank. 

Would you like to know about the features and services of Popthai.w3spaces.com? Do you know Popthai.w3spaces.com services are currently inactive? Do you want to know about Popthai.w3spaces.com’s reviews? Then, let’s check all the details and facts about Popthai.w3spaces.con.

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About Popthai.w3spaces.com:

Popthai.w3spaces.com is a subdomain created under TouchPoint.in.th. According to the mission statement of TouchPoint.in.th, it was established in 2017 to serve as a platform for providing knowledge related to important and trending topics, including digital media, IT, multimedia, and education media.

TouchPoint Provider Limited Partnership was registered in 2021 to support procurement work for private and public undertakings. It is now serving as a knowledge-base and lecturer workshop for interactive digital media Learning Management Systems (LMS). It is headed by Dr. Kritsanapong Lertbumrungchai, an information technology specialist, joined by Siwakorn Saengthongsuk as a video producer of Pop Thai w3spaces Com.

The services of Popthai.w3spaces.com are broadly classified into providing training material in the form of articles and videos, discussing trending news related to education and digital media related to LMS, and supporting blogging to share knowledge that its users can contribute.

Popthai.w3spaces.com is down until the elections:

Popthai.w3spaces.com is now focused on providing information about general elections in Thailand. Users can search for candidates of different political parties by their constituency and state and the name of the candidates. The users can also know about the candidates from 67 political parties by clicking the party’s name.

Popthai.w3spaces.con informed that it would reassume its operations after the elections on 14th/May/2023 at 5:00 PM. A timer is also displayed on Popthai.w3spaces.com. On 20th/March/2023, the 25th House of Representatives was dissolved, the early voting registration dates were between 27th/March and 13th/April, the application date for electoral candidates was between 3rd/April and 7th/April, and early voting Day was on 7th/May.

The features of Popthai.w3spaces.com:

Popthai.w3spaces.com is a free-to-use website. There is no registration process or fee. The contact number for Popthai.w3spaces.com customer service is 095-1166-995, and the two email addresses provided for Popthai.w3spaces.con are TouchPoint.in.th@gmail.com and kridsanapong.ler@hotmail.com. However, the physical office address was not specified on Popthai.w3spaces.com. 

The identity and contact of Popthai.w3spaces.com’s owner are censored using paid services of THNIC. As Popthai.w3spaces.com is inactive as a knowledge-based domain, its privacy and cookie policy, terms, FAQs, and other terms are not accessible. However, some links redirect users to contact and policy content of TouchPoint.in.th.

The legitimacy of Popthai.w3spaces.com:

Popthai.w3spaces.com is an old website registered in Denver, CO, US, on 1st/January/2017. The website is 6-years, 4-months, and 9-days old. It was last updated on 7th/January/2023, suggesting business continuity. Popthai.w3spaces.com’s registration will expire within 1-years, 7-months, and 22-days on 31st/December/2024. Popthai.w3spaces.con has a long life expectancy.

Popthai.w3spaces.com gained an excellent 100%↑ trust score, an average 63.7%↑ business ranking, a poor 3/100↓ Domain Authority, and a high 17%↑ suspicion score. Flashstart, an anti-malware service provider, found no phishing activity or malware on Popthai.w3spaces.com.

Popthai.w3spaces.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Its IP has valid Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV SSL) for the next 91 days. The website has 216 backlinks, including 75 DoFollow links. Popthai.w3spaces.com is not blacklisted by any blacklisting engine.

Customer reviews:

Seven website reviews and more than five video reviews suggest that Popthai.w3spaces.con is possibly legitimate. No user reviews/ratings were posted on social media or customer review websites. Popthai.w3spaces.com does not support customer reviews. 

Social media links:


Popthai.w3spaces.com seems a legitimate website existing for a long time. It gained an excellent trust score and an average business ranking. Popthai.w3spaces.com has poor DA, Alexa, and considerable suspicion scores. Due to an average business score and considerable suspicion score, the website is recommended for experienced e-commerce and internet users to provide personal and payment information (if requested). Click here to learn about business scores.

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Popthai.w3spaces.con – FAQ

Q1. Popthai.w3spaces.con uses how many servers?

Servers serial chain numbers 067f944a2a27cdf3fac2ae2b01f908eeb9c4c6 and a70e4a4c3482b77f cs79.hostingberry.com(IP and cs79.hostneverdie.com(IP located in Thailand.

Q2. Who is registrar of Popthai.w3spaces.con ?


Q3. How much is the visitor count of Popthai.w3spaces.con?

14K visitors count monthly with a $1.2K traffic value.

Q4. How much is the speed of Popthai.w3spaces.con?

A load time of 1.17 seconds, 79% C-performance grade, is considered fast.

Q5. Who is the ISP of Popthai.w3spaces.con?


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