Pollock Pines Webcam {Aug} Managing The Wildfires!

Pollock Pines Webcam {Aug} Managing The Wildfires! >> This post contains vital information about the wildfire incident, which is more engulfing new areas at a faster pace.

The Clador fire is only growing in size and causing a lot of damages to property and life. It erupted on Saturday and started getting bigger due to strong wind, causing great concern for El Dorado county authority in the United States. Pollock Pines Webcam is helping officers and media persons to keep an eye on the nature of Fire and the new area it engulfs.

One can say that this year’s wildfire has been the worst in years and causing significant damage and difficulty for people residing in the western part of the country. To know everything about this fire, keep reading till the end.

Area to be evacuated due to Fire:

The strong wind helped the Fire grow bigger, and it is continuously increasing its area of influence with a fast speed of around 20 km per hour. Pollock Pines Webcam has been installed throughout the area to keep an eye on wildfire movement and take decisions accordingly.

Some area which has been notified for mandatory evacuation seeing the rapid pace of Fire are listed below:  

  • The common area lying between hawk heaven and Perry Creek.
  • The area lying between Mormon emigrant Trail and Highway 88.
  • All roads going towards Omo Ranch from Cedarville road to highway 88. 
  • The south of highway 50 and north of sly park towards Snows Road.
  • When moving towards Larsen Drive, the northern part of highway 50.
  • Moving from Perry creek eastern side of Fairplay road up south of Cedarville road.

How Pollock Pines Webcam Helping in Managing the Wildfire?

As the wildfire is raging throughout California and other western provinces, everyone requires the same resources to control the Fire. Firefighters and other senior officials keep an eye on the fire situation through the cam and evacuate the area according to priority.

Property losses in Grizzy flat have been reported, which is residence to around 1200 people. As per some media reports, a church, hospital, and post office have been charred to ashes.

 The Alert wildfire has played a significant role in managing the evacuation and controlling the Fire by spotting the new wildfire and reporting it to the concerned person.

According to Pollock Pines Webcam, people should consider the following Guidelines of Authority:

More than 30,000 acres of land have been charred till now, and no effort has been made to contain the Fire as officials are busy rescuing the people. The speed of the Fire is creating great difficulty for officials as it is engulfing newer areas pretty fast. 

People in the area should follow specific guidelines to help ease the situation:

  • People in South Lake Tahoe should leave as soon as possible.
  • Highway 50 from Meyers to Icehouse road would remain close due to Fire.
  • People should use another route for traveling like SR-89 to I- 80 and US-50 to I-395.
  • Call – (530) 303- 2455 for any wildfire information.

Final verdict:

Pollock Pines Webcam post finds the wildfire situation in EI Dorado County to be quite worrying due to the speed with which it is moving forward. Webcam has helped in more than one way in managing the wildfire and keeping eyes on the activities in the area.

People with any new information on the wildfire can share it in the comment section and give their opinions on the post below. To know more about the wildfire in EI Dorado, read it here.

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