Pokemon Season Heritage Go {Jan 2022} Useful Info!

This article provides details on Pokemon Season Heritage Go, that highpoint the challenges and rewards gained while playing.

Pokemon Go is a popular series for all gamers in the market. Are you one of those? Do you keep updated? If yes, then you would be observing the information from the start.

Pokemon Go had released; a new season called the season of heritage in December. People in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia had welcomed the Season of Heritage with lots of attention. However, whether you had missed some information on Pokemon Season Heritage Go.

The summary.

Season of Heritage is the newly released Pokemon Go Season. 

It is accepted to conduct from December-1st 2021 to the 1st of March-1st 2022. It is the 5th Game for a wide season in the Pokemon Go series. Hence, carrying a mystery along with it over three months.

Trainer’s role.

Trainers will support with a helping hand to Professor Willow. It will be helpful to unlock the strange giant door that will also unwrap the mystery of the heritage. 

How will this door Open? and What is inside this door?

It needs to be solved; in Pokemon Season Heritage Go.

Pokemon Encountered in the Season of Heritage

This season showcases a change in Pokemon Spawn. It is to match the changing season in the real world. The newly change Pokemon Spawn is divided into various geographic regions and biomes. Therefore, all the gamers involved; in playing need to explore more.

Season of Heritage Egg Hatches 

Apart from new changed Pokémon Spawn, the players come across a newly developed pool that is equally potential for Pokemon to spawn. It also comprises valuable and rare monsters.

Special Feature: 

Season of Heritage offers special features called Timed Researched events which stars Pokemon Go Team leaders. They offer monthly bonuses.

Pokemon Season Heritage Go Challenge Task 

Pokemon Go had announced a special and challenging task for gaining a limited Goomy Hat Avatar Item.

It was developed for celebrating; the launch of the Season of Heritage. There are many upcoming challenges with rewards. However, the players need to work hard to acquire them. 

How to unlock these challenges?

Start with collecting Pokemon Go Johto Tour tickets (It is essential to collect them before January-10th). This challenge is a paid event in which the ticket costs $ 11.99. Regrettably, PokeCoins cannot be used to purchase.

 Let us understand the process to grab the rewards; in Pokemon Season Heritage Go.

Process for gaining rewards.

Trainers need to acquire the ticket before January-10th. It is essential to gain; before January-31st. It was categorized; into 15 different parts. 

Every gamer needs to unlock Goomy Avatar Item Hat before its end date. So, do not hold yourself back to acquire the rewards.

Some of the Season Heritage Challenge Rewards are:

  • Collect 1000XP: 15 Poke balls
  • Collect 6000XP: 1Lure Module
  • Collect 15000XP: Cranidos Encounter
  • Collect 25000XP: 15 Razz Berries
  • Collect 35000XP: 25 Pole Balls

There are many more rewards waiting for you while playing.


The latest Pokemon Season Heritage Go focused on exclusive challenges that provide rewards. All the Rewards will support the player to play this season successfully.

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