Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go (Dec 2021) About The Event!

The guide shares details about the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event and the methods to participate.

Magmar Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go is next scheduled for December 2021. Players from India and the United States are gearing up to get the Shiny Magmar and other useful bonuses during the event. 

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour was launched in 2020 by Niantic, and soon, it has turned out to be the popular recurring event title. Because of the second celebration in December, the trainers will get the chance to catch the Fire-Type Magmar in the Kanto region. 

If you are also interested in the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event, continue reading for more details. 

When does the Magmar Spotlight Hour Start?

14th December 2021 Tuesday was scheduled for the Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Hour event. It is a limited-time event scheduled to start at 6 PM and last up to 7 PM local time. 

It means the worldwide players can participate in the event as it starts and catch the Fire-type Magmar in the Kanto region. It is the second spotlight hour in December 2021, and it will give a chance to the trainers to get some Magmar. 

How to Prepare for the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go?

Preparing for the event is important because it will only last 60 minutes. Here are a few guidelines that you have to follow to prepare for the event.

  • You have to use the Pokecoins to purchase two Incenses
  • Clear the space in the Pokemon Storage Box so that you can catch and store the Magmar
  • You need to have plenty of Pokeballs so that you can catch a high number of Pokemon
  • Collect as many Pokemon Candy as you want to allow the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go to evolve.  

What are the Bonuses in Spotlight Hour?

The Spotlight Hour event on 14th Dec will give access to the Double Evolution XP, and it is the primary event bonus of the event.

The 2X Evolution XP bonuses can be applied to any Pokemon and are limited to Magmar. It means the Magmar is not a cheap Pokemon to evolve. Players are suggested to use XP-Boosting Lucky Eggs during the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go. 

How to Evolve the Magmar into Magmortar?

It is not easy to evolve the Magmar into Magmortar as it takes time. Players need to have at least 100 Candy along with Sinnoh Stone. With the help of Pinap Berries, players can earn the Candy faster in the game. 

After collecting sufficient Candy, choose the favorite Magmar that has the highest statistics and tap on the “Evolve” button on the screen. 

The Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event is the best time to collect Candy as it will give you access to hundreds of Magmar during the event. Besides, you also get a chance to enjoy double transfer Candy.       


The Pokemon Go Magmar Spotlight Hour Event is already over as it was started on 14th December 2021 at 6 PM and ended at 7 PM local time. 

The limited-time event allowed the players to win the Shiny Magmar in the Pokemon Magmar Spotlight Go event.

Did you participate in the event? Please share how many Magmar you have collected. 

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