Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021 : Read Here

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021 : Read Here >> Read the recent achievement of a young player in golf and the detailed information about the level of games.

Do you know about the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour? If not, know here for free with every important detail of the game. This game has grabbed the attention of the people living Worldwide. Pokémon Go came into the market in 2016.

And, players still love the game. It keeps on introducing amazing features like spotlight hours for community day. If by any chance you have missed this event. Don’t miss the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021, and stick to the article for knowing the upcoming dates.

Details about The Spotlight Hour

Till now, the spotlight hour has been organized from 18:00 to 19:00 in the local time. So, the idea of spotlight hour is to celebrate it like Community Day. However, in this event, it occurs for a short time. In this event, few rare species of Pokémon appear in a huge number.

The main motive is to give the players special time to enable their Pokémon with additional effects and boost some species selectively.

When Is Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021 being held?

People after hearing about the hour announced in August 2021. People are excited to know about the dates of September. As of now, the dates are not confirmed, but the probability is on 15th September. The exact dates will be announced by August 2021. 

Though the probability of the time is from 11 am-5 pm. The event can enable you with Pokecoins; poke balls are even more. The confirmation of the event will be released with the time and special features given in it.

Upcoming Date Of August

The dates of August are announced, apart from Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021. This September, the spotlight has controversial headliners and the rumor on it. The confirmation of the headliner and exact date is left.

The dates of the spotlight hour were 10th and 17th August 2021. But, don’t worry if you have missed it. The event is occurring on 24th August and 31st August 2021. It has surprises of unannounced Pokémon Evolution Experience and Transfer Candy. Enjoy the event if you want your Pokémon to evolve, win new Pokémon for winning the battles.

Reason Of Pokémon Go Popularity In Recent Days

Recently, August 2021 and the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021 have gained much attention because of the mystery bonuses. 

The most loved Pokémon Go has a new feature of spotlight hour. The 2016 introduced game, until now, has earned approx. $5 billion, which is around 37,323 crores till now in total. And in the first half of 2021, it earned $641.6 million.  


In the final verdict of the article, attend the spotlight hour if you are interested in getting the powers or special Pokémon available. We have mentioned the schedule of the upcoming hour. This is quite evident that this game is grabbing so much popularity over time. 

However, the dates for Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour September 2021 are not confirmed yet.

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