Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August : Read Here!

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August : Read Here! >> Read this article to discover some facts about the most important 60 minutes for the gaming platform and reveal how you can utilize the same to the best.

Have you heard about this hype? Do you know what this spotlight hour is about? How can it affect your gameplay?

Out of the most important weekly events by Niantic hosts, Spotlight hour is the most prominent ones. Every week, this will take a different Pokemon in the limelight with high spawn rates and a double bonus.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August has been revealed, and people Worldwide are constantly searching for the same. Read the headings mentioned below to know the details.

When is the next Spotlight Hour?

Niantic platform has thus confirmed that the next spotlight hour is in the West Sea Shellos, and the same is confirmed to go live on 17th August 2021.

This time, there will be more frequent appearances of these Pokemon in the wild, only for a shorter period. Therefore, the time for the same is allocated to be 6 PM to 7 PM. This means that you will be able to participate in the same from any corner of the world at this particular hour.

Shiny West Sea Shellos Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August:

Adding to the existing benefits of spotlight hour, the players for this platform will also get Double Catch Candy as a bonus. But, Sea Plug Pokemon is currently not available as Shiny on the platform right now. So, there are chances of a surprise appearance, but it has not been confirmed yet.

In addition,  there can be added other surprises as well to the hour. All you need to do is get ready for the same to get the bonuses.

Schedule for August Spotlight Hour:

To get the complete details for the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August schedule, scroll down to the table attached below:

Spotlight Time Spotlight Date Spotlight Bonus Spotlight Pokemon
6.00 PM- 7.00 PM 3rd August 2 X Catch Stardust Magnemite
6.00 PM- 7.00 PM 10th August 2 X Catch XP East Sea Shellos
6.00 PM- 7.00 PM 17th August 2 X Catch Candy West Sea Shellos
6.00 PM- 7.00 PM 24th august 2 X Transfer Candy Skwovet
6.00 PM- 7.00 PM 31st August 2 X Evolution XP Wooloo

How to prepare for the Spotlight Hour?

There are certain points that you need to ensure to get the bonuses as the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August lasts only for 60 minutes. So, it is better to be prepared already than to waste any minute afterward.

  • Check out for enough Poke Balls,
  • Make sure to have enough numbers of Poke Berries.
  • Clear your storage for the Pokemon Storage Box.
  • Get at least two poke coins purchased for the incense of the event.

Final Verdict:

In this article, all the details for the August Spotlight hour have been discussed and revealed. In addition, we have also mentioned the points for your preparations so that you will not have to spend any extra minute preparing for the same during the crucial Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour 2021 August 60 minutes. Click here to know more about Pokemon Go 

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