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Want to know about the Pokémon appearing in the Raids and Pokemon Go Greedent in the grand eleven-day event? Read the content here.

Are you aware of the spirit introduced in Pokémon Go? Do you want to get introduced to the powers of this Pokémon? Then, here comes today’s content presenting the details of a shiny and long-tail Pokémon named Greedent.

Pokémon Go is a well-known game in the United States. Players are always curious to know about new characters and their specialization to use in their fights. Moreover, the Pokémon with extreme fighting skills can make the game enjoyable too.

So, let’s explore Pokemon Go Greedent and know about its moves and powers.

Few words about Pokémon Go 

It is an augmented reality game introduced in 2016 with the collaboration of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. You can access it on Android devices with ease. The GPS of the phone is used to locate and capture the virtual creatures called Pokémon. Thus making you feel that the opponent is available in the real world.

The launch of the game gave profits as more than 500 million users played it. By now, it has become popular all over the world. It is why the Greedent is gaining the attention of gamers these days.

What is Pokemon Go Greedent?

Initially found in the Galar Region, Greedent is a normal Pokémon with a maximum CP of 2679. This character is specialized because of its fighting moves. Getting boosted by the partly clouded weather, this Pokémon comes with stamina of 260. It is capable of 160 attacks and 156 defense.

However, Greedent outshines his performance on Body Slam and Tackle out of all the fighting moves available. Skwovet is related to this Pokémon in appearance. It is an evolution of Skwovet which can be achieved by paying 50 candies.

Pokemon Go Greedent stashes innumerable berries in the tail such that it keeps falling constantly. But being a witty character of the game, it does not cause loss to him.

Well, by now, you are pretty much familiar with this Pokémon. So, let’s now know some of his features.

Specifications of Greedent

  • Generation – it belongs to generation 8
  • Category – non-legendary
  • Buddy distance – 1km
  • Height – 0.6 m
  • Weight – 6 kg
  • Bonus on capturing the candy – 2
  • Base Flee Rate – 7%
  • Bonus on capturing stardust – 200
  • Cost for second charge move of Pokemon Go Greedent25 candies.

These are some of the critical features of the Greedent that makes him unique. 

Is Greedent a good character in the game?

The Skwovet, the first stage of evolution, is not worthy of doing fights. On the other hand, Greedent has made his place in the PVP modes of Pokémon Go.

It holds 20th rank by defeating Giratina, Cresselia, Laprass and Togekiss. It is now considered one of the best normal–type Pokémon. So, if you are looking forward to getting this Pokémon in your game, we recommend you see the other Pokémon Go collections as well.  


Pokemon Go Greedent can perform fast and charged attacks in the game. Belonging to a two-member family can help you to win the battles effectively. Hurry up! Get this Pokémon in your game.

What are your views about Greedent? Comment and share with us.

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