Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go {Feb} Tasks & Rewards

This article provides comprehensive knowledge on a date, time, and reward, which you can grasp in the event through Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go.

Pokemon Go is the virtual game launched in the market; in 2016 created and released by Niantic in collaboration with the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Players from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia love to play Pokemon Go.

However, did you know about the latest event launched in this game? If not, stay till the end to know about the date and time in this article. 

Additionally, Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go is in trend these days. Do you know why?

Let us find out the details in these below sections.

Pokemon Go Event.

Recently, Pokemon Go had an event for all their players in the market. They had launched an event named ‘The Lunar New Year.’ This event benefits the players with a bit of Pokemon in the event.

Date and time of the event in Pokemon Go.

The Lunar New Year Event of 2022 is planned; for launching from 1st of February, 2022 on Tuesday 8 pm onwards. This event will continue till 7th February 2022 on Monday at 8 pm.

Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go is the timed research task in this event that will provide rewards in Pokemon Go.

Note: The Lunar New Year Event provides an additional special trade with the availability of a per day bonus offer. This offer is in force till the 8th of February 2022.

  • Time slot in various country
  • Local Time: 8 pm
  • United Kingdom: 9 pm (GMT)
  • East Coast United States: 4 pm (EST)
  • West Coast United States: 1 pm (PST) 
  • The Europe: 10 pm (CEST)
  •  The Lunar New Year event celebrated Litleo it is due to the beginning of Tiger year in Pokemon Go. 

What is Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go?

The friendship challenge in Pokemon Go is the second research quest that you can finish in the event; of Pokemon Go. Before the end date, you will be required to complete all the quests for rewards.

The challenge seems to be simple for all the players in the market. It includes five tasks in which each of these challenges owns a reward. After completing all five tasks, a player will be offered a bonus reward.

Although, most of the available Pokemon in this event are acquired; through raids or wild. 

However, Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go is the additional boost to encounter them with ease.

Task and rewards of Friendship Challenge.

  • Five gifts ( send to a friend): Torchich encounter
  • Trade with your friend using 3 Pokemon: Corphish encounter
  • 15 gifts (send to friends): Darumaka encounter
  • Send your friend gifts for three days in a row: Pokemon encounter
  •  The rewards provided are 1000 XP, 1000 Stardust, and Pokemon encounter.


The Lunar New Year Event is the ongoing event on Pokemon Go. So, kindly grasp your opportunity before the 7th of February 2022, 8 pm (local time). Complete all the five tasks; to achieve a bonus in Pokemon Friendship Challenge Go.

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