Pokemon Catch Cup Go {June 2022} Know Rules of the Game

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This post will help you learn about the new challenge in Pokemon Go and explain to players the rules and regulations of the game for Pokemon Catch Cup Go.

Most people, including kids and young, have played a game of Pokemon, right? Pokemon is one of those games that everyone liked during their childhood, But it is not necessary for everyone to like it. The game provides new challenges and missions from time to time to keep the players entertained and not lose their interest. 

Pokemon is especially played in countries like Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Read the article further about the recent challenge described as Pokemon Catch Cup Go. Follow throughout the article.

What is the Catch Cup in the Pokemon Go league? 

Recently, there has been a new update on the game about the Catch Cup. There is a Go fest conducted from 4th June starting at 10 am to 5th June 6 pm. It is one of the unique cups ever in the game, as only the Pokemon caught during this period can only take part in the Catch Cup.

This makes the game very complicated for planning the team moving forward. It also requires powering up the Pokemon in a short time, making it more difficult.

Catch Cup Pokemon Go 2022

The Go battle-taking is somewhat unique. According to some people, it is very restrictive due to the number of rules and regulations, while others think it is good to come out of traditional ways and formats of playing leagues. 

The main thing that restricts the players is timing. It is very similar to the Great league, which users play widely; otherwise, people express their excitement about the upcoming league. 

Rules of the game regarding Catch Cup

There are some pointers regarding the Pokemon Catch Cup Go and rules to play in the league-

  • The Pokemon which are caught during the fest can participate. 
  • To enter the league, only Pokemon below the limit of 1500 CP is allowed; if it goes above that, Pokemon will not be allowed. 
  • It has been made clear that only caught Pokemon during the fest can enter, but this does not apply to the catches of Egg Hatches, Raids, and Field Research tasks. 

The above rules force the players to use their thinking ability and plan more accordingly to play the game. 

Why is the game trending: Pokemon Catch Cup Go.

As soon as the announcement of the new edition of the ultra league and go edition got out. It has been trending on social media. Players are very curious about the timing, rules, restrictions, and other details related to the game for the league. 

Note: All the information mentioned in the article is based on internet research. 

Summing up 

The number of restrictions is plenty by looking at the rules and other details. So, we suggest the players play for fun and don’t take the league very seriously, as it is very difficult to compete in the Pokemon Catch Cup Go with the requirements and complete the challenges. 

Click on the link below to learn more details about the challengeIs this article helpful for you to know more about the game? Tell us in the comments, and do share this article. 

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