Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes (Nov) How To Redeem?

Gaming Tips Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes

In this post, you will know about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes and how to redeem mystery gifts in the game.

Do you want to earn freebies by using the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond codes? Then this post is for you. In this post, we will discuss the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond game and the codes you can use in the game briefly.

This code feature is gaining so much popularity Worldwide because it gives you opportunities to redeem exciting things for free. 

Let us discuss Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes further in this post.

What is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond was released with Pokemon Shining Pearls on 19 November 2021. This game is based on Pokemon anime, and most of the concepts of the game are based on it. The game is adventurous, action-packed, have a great storyline, and with exciting graphics. Trainers train their Pokemon’s to fight with others in the game. 

The Pokemon evolves or transforms into their more powerful forms with different stones, which you get throughout the game. This game has exciting maps and adventurous things to offer. So, if you are a gamer and haven’t tried this game yet, you are most likely to like it when you try it. 

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes

The need for these codes is very much in the gamers community as it allows you to redeem many freebies in the game. If you want to take advantage of the mysterious gift, you must unlock the ability to receive gifts at a TV station in a city called Jubilife. 

You can unlock the ability to receive gifts by getting your first gym batch and winning over the Galactic Grunts in north city Double Battle. As such, there are no codes available to get the in-game items.

How to get Mysterious Gift ability? 

Now, doing the above process go to third floor of Jubilfe TV and apply the mentioned Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes. And you will see TV producer talk to him and answer all his questions regarding TV to ‘EVERYONE HAPPY WIFI CONNECTION’. Now you have an unlocked Mystery Gift feature.

Some Other Information

There is a thing called trade codes in this game that help you meet like-minded gamers and make the trade easy. Trade is if you want something in exchange for the other in the game. 

The trade code system works like this if you want a trade of Piplup (#393) for Turtwig (#382), the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes will be 0393- 0382. 

Some of the codes are mentioned below:

  • 0387 – 0390: When you want to trade Turtwig and get Chimchar. 
  • 0390 – 0387 – When you want to trade Chimchar and get Turtwig.

How to Redeem Mystery Gifts?

After getting the ability, you will get the Mystery gifts option on the menu. You will have two options on redeeming gifts Get a code/password or Get Via the Internet. Choose whatever is convenient to you. 

There are two types of exciting Mystery gifts you can get from Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes on this game – Platinum Outfits, and Manaphy Egg Mystery Gift.

The Final Verdict

All the exciting things in most games cost gamers something, which is not the ideal thing from the gamers point of view. These Mystery Gifts are only available for a small period, so redeem them as soon as possible.

Once they vanish, you will only have the option to trade them with other players. Check out here to learn more about the game.

What are your views about this game? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, do share this Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Codes post to inform others. 

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