Pointapk .com (July 2021) Get Detailed Insight Here!

Pointapk .com (July 2021) Get Detailed Insight Here! >> Do you want to earn money online via mobile? Then do check out this post to analyse the legitimacy of such a site.

Hey Folks, Are you searching for a website that will instruct you on making money online? Nowadays, there are a variety of websites in the market that explain cash earning. Yet, we can’t believe these sites without enough research as so many scam sites also present in Pakistan.

We spotted a site called Pointapk .com while browsing, where they write information regarding internet money earning. So, let us begin the post.

What is Pointapk Portal?

It is a website that gets launched on 15th October 2020, which is about eight months old. The Portal mainly deals with online earning with different sources like youtube, various online applications, mobile, and many more. 

Specifications of Pointapk Portal:

  • Website URL Link – https://pointapk.com/
  • Domain creation date – 15th October 2020
  • Trust index – 39.7
  • Content-Type – Article related to earning money online
  • Contact Information – No detail related to the owner is present
  • About us page – Unambiguous information present on Pointapk .com

Pros of Pointapk website:

  • The Portal is more than six months old, and it gives a good sign.
  • The Site has a protected SSL Certificate. 
  • The Portal provides information on the newly launched technical application.

Cons of Pointapk website:

  • The Site is eight months old, but then also it contains poor popularity over the web.
  • The Portal has a significantly poor trust index which is a bad indicator.
  • The website is claiming online earnings with fishy sites and applications, which is a negative sign.
  • The Site lacks owner information, headquarter terrible location.

Purpose of Pointapk .com

The Site’s goal is to examine several online money-making websites. The creator of this website used to review applications such as Handy Pic and Bfast Bfree. Also, the creator writes articles about using trendy apps and sites which get newly released in the digital world.

In this era, many scams are present over the market, so we can’t trust these applications or sites as sometimes it is not legal and safe. So before making any final judgment let’s look at the customer feedback. Have the portal visitors made any money via Pointapk .com?

Customer Feedback

To determine the legitimacy of any site, users’ experience is essential as it indicates that it is worthy or not. After deep analysis, we received no user testimonials over the Site, which lacks trust. Even in Trustpilot, no feedback was present over there also.  

Consequently, we can say that this website seems suspicious, and we don’t support such sites.

Final Verdict

In this entire article, we discussed a site that claims to earn money using some online applications, which can’t be fully authentic. In Pakistan, People faced so many online scams with various platforms. Again we don’t recommend using such type of Site as it comes out dubious.

Have you ever visited Pointapk .com website to earn money? If so, please post your viewpoints to clear things.

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