Podmyth Shop Reviews {July} Is This An Authentic Site?

Podmyth Shop Online Website Reviews

This article on Podmyth Shop Reviews shares complete detail about the website, its products, and its worthiness. Follow our article for the latest updates.  

Do you wish to shop from an online website? Are you aware of the websites that offer better quality? If not, this web portal was designed just for you. It offers various products you have been looking to purchase. This web portal was introduced in the United States.

In this Podmyth Shop Reviews, we will focus on all the information about the web portal and its legitimacy. For more details, follow the article below.

What is podmythshop.com?

This is an online shopping website. The web portal is quite versatile as it deals in numerous products such as sunglasses, Cooler, Bogg, Refrigerators, generators, Paddleboards, and much more. The prime features of this website are the sunglasses. It has a vast collection of sunglasses of various designs and colours. The quality of every product is quite amazing and durable. But being an online shopping website, the buyer wishes to note, Is Podmyth Shop Legit or a scam?

Stating certain points:

  • The URL of the web portal: podmythshop.com
  • The web portal start: 13/06/2022.
  • The web page expires on: 13/06/2023.
  • Email support: support@podmythshop.com
  • Company address: 1400 south Arlington Street, Akron, OH 44306, USA is its company location.
  • Phone number: 8566580733 is its phone number for calling. 
  • Web designer details: No detail of its web designer is available on its website.
  • Shipping time: It takes 1-2 days to deliver their products. 
  • Free shipping info: Free shipping facility on all orders over $60. 
  • Delivery on Standard: As per the Podmyth Shop Reviews, No standard delivery service is available on its webpage.
  • Social networking facility: It has Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest logos on its homepage.
  • Procedure to Return: It allows 30 days return facility on its products.
  • Payment modes: Visa, Master Card, PayPal, etc.

Benefits of podmythshop.com:

  • It does have various social site logos on its webpage.
  • It provides its email Id for customer support.
  • It shares its company address which is required.
  • It allows various payment methods.
  • It has given its phone number for customer service.

Limitations of podmythshop.com:

  • It does not share its developer name, which is required.
  • It does not allow standard delivery service.

Is Podmyth Shop Legit or a scam domain?

The website looks quite fascinating and sells various types of products on the online platform. But since it deals online, it is important to know its worthiness. Listing down points to understand its legitimacy:

  • The website existence: The webpage was started on 13/06/2022. 
  • Phone service: 8566580733 is its phone number for calling. It is a positive point.
  • Social site logos: Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest logos are on their homepage. 
  • Trust Score: It has a bad trust point, only 1%. So, user cannot trust it blindly.
  • Percentage of Content duplicated: No data on copied content percentage is available.
  • Webpage address: By following Podmyth Shop Reviews, 1400 south Arlington Street, Akron, OH 44306, USA is its company location. 
  • Terms and conditions: It has designed distinct terms and conditions pages.
  • Discount rate: No detail on discount service is available on its website.
  • Global Alexa rank: The Alexa global rank of the web portal is not available.
  • Service of refund: It provides the refund amount in the customer’s real payment mode.
  • Non-refunding policy: There is no detail on non-refunding services.
  • Method to cancel the order: The order can be cancelled before shipment.
  • Details on Exchange:  It allows the exchange of faulty, damaged, and incorrect products.

Podmyth Shop Reviews:

There are no customer reviews and feedback on its products on its web portal. Moreover, the Alexa rank of this webpage is also not available, but it has numerous social site logos on its webpage. In contrast, there are no customer reviews about its products on social sites. We have also not found any feedback on any reliable website. Buyers must follow- Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed


This website does not have much web-based selling experience, and there are not many customers for its products. The web portal has a horrible Trust Rank.The web portal does have a social site presence, but there are no reviews about its products on social sites by following Podmyth Shop Reviews.

This is a scam website, and we suggest buyers be careful with such web portals. Buyers must also follow- Victim of Credit Card Fraud. 

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