Pocket Camp Communication Error (Oct 2021) How Do I Fix?

Gaming Tips Pocket Camp Communication Error

The guide shares the common fixes to the Pocket Camp Communication Error to help players resume gaming.  

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp or ACPC is the simulation game released in its entire splendor globally. The game is the masterpiece designed and developed by Nintendo C. Ltd. The game is available for Android and iOS devices, and Worldwide players enjoy the game on their mobile devices. 

Unfortunately, an error has occurred in the game that prevents the players from accessing it on their respective devices. It is referred to as a communication error. So, we are here to discuss some of the common fixes to Pocket Camp Communication Error. Continue reading.

What is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the mobile simulation game that is free to play. Nintendo C. Ltd releases the game, and it is available for both Android and iOS devices Worldwide. The gameplay involves discovering nature, collecting cool stuff, and making friends and create a fictional world.    

The gameplay is the replica of the famous Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing New Horizons. So, if you love playing the game on Nintendo Switch, you will like the mobile version as well. Unfortunately, players are facing a communication error, and we are here to discuss it. 

What is Pocket Camp Communication Error?

The Pocket Camp Communication or Connection Error is the new issue that many players of ACPC are facing presently, and they are finding effective fixes to the error. The error occurs due to many underlying causes, including internet connection issues and broken internet networks.

However, the error prompts a code (Support Code: 802-1-008-069-008). It signifies that there is a communication error that is preventing the player from accessing the game on their device. So, they have to find the quick fixes to Pocket Camp Communication Error to resume the gameplay.  

What are the Quick Fixes to the Communication Error?

Check your Internet Connection 

As mentioned, the primary cause of the communication error is internet network issues. Players can’t play the game offline, and they need internet connectivity to enjoy playing it. So, if your connection gets lost or there is a broken link in connectivity, the communication error may arise.

  • Try switching from Wi-Fi to the data service of your device and re-launch the game to see if it is fixed. 
  • Reboot the router and try launching the game again to see if Pocket Camp Communication Error is fixed. 

Reboot Device

The second option to fix the communication error is to reboot the device. Rebooting will shut down all the applications running in the background and give a fresh start to the system. It will also boost the performance, which may fix the error.

Update the Application

If nothing works for you, it would be a smart move to update your application to fix the error. Players are reporting that the application is not working after installing the latest version. So, it would be a smart move to go to your respective app store and update the game app to fix the communication error.   


Hopefully, these fixes to Pocket Camp Communication Error will help you enjoy playing the game again. If you are facing the communication error, please try these steps to fix it. Besides, you must learn the things to do when facing an error to keep your game up and running without downtime. 

Do you play Are you facing the error? Then, please mention in the comment box what your suggestion is to the error.

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