Who Is Pnb Rock Gf Ig? Is Stephanie Sibounheuang His GF? Know About Rock’s Girlfriend And Her Instagram Page!

In this article, you will learn how Pnb Rock Gf Ig is related to the death of Rock and how the Rock is tracked out.

What led to the death of Pnb Rock? Is Rock’s girlfriend behind her death? On Monday, Pnb Rock was shot by a gun while having lunch in Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles. Fans in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada were raising a question: Why was Pnb Rock Gf Ig deactivated soon after her boyfriend’s death? We can get the complete details of the controversy in the upcoming parts of the article. So, read the post till end and grab the information.

Complete Story 

PNB Rock was having lunch with her girlfriend in Roscoe’s House. A bunch of robbers entered the restaurant, robbed the Pnb Rock, and shot him with a gun. While investigating, the authorities concluded that the murderers figured out the address of Rock through the Instagram post of her girlfriend sharing the location of their Dine along with the picture of the meal. Looking at the Instagram post of Rock’s girlfriend, they tracked him down. After that, they robbed and shot him. 

Stephanie Sibounheuang Instagram Page was deactivated after the death of Pnb Rock when she found out that the main problem that led The Killers to Pnb Rock was her Instagram post. 

More Information on Stephanie Sibounheuang’s Instagram Page. 

When the other celebrities, rappers, and singers found out about the death of Rock, they also spoke out that Rock’s Girlfriend’s stupidity got him to an unintentional death for no reason. Additionally, they criticize this kind of action of sharing personal life posts with the current location on social media.

Celebrity Nicki Minaj and Kodak Black also blame Stephanie for posting the geo-tag picture. The cops also confirmed that posting the picture at an unlucky hour brought Pnb Rock death.

Pnb Rock’s Girlfriend Instagram Account.

Before turning her Instagram down, she had around half a million followers and often posted pictures of her daily life, including a few pics with the Pnb Rock. She is also an owner of a shop called Angel Energy which sells women’s dress bikinis and other items at the minimal price of $45. 

Despite her account, she has one more account, which belongs to Angel Energy. This account only contains a picture of her promotional dresses and essential items. This account runs with 16000 followers right now. 

Pnb GF Instagram

After deactivating the personal account her secondary account is active, and the fans are posting hateful comments on her posts, blaming her for the Pnb Rock’s death.


The Instagram account of Pnb Rock’s girlfriend Stephanie was deactivated yesterday when she learned that her frequent post was a possible reason for Rock’s death. Do you think Stephanie led the killers to the Rock? Write down your comments below. You can also read the personal life of Rock and Stephanie here. Pnb Rock Gf Ig shut down, but her secondary account is active now.

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