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The following research on Pleasing Harry Styles Website will give you details about the products and its website.

The world is full of talented people who serve the world with their talents. Some are for the welfare of people while some entertain the public. Besides all these, some are beauticians, who brought many products for healthy and happy skin for the customers. One such famous actor, singer, Harry Styles has launched his beauty brand in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and India.

To know more about the Pleasing Harry Styles Website, you must check this post, which will describe all the necessary details about this brand.

What is a Pleasing Brand? 

Certain, beautiful scented rumours were swirling around this summer that Harry Styles is about to launch a beauty brand. Although he is a singer, an English actor, this kind of news excited his fans. He established a brand named “Pleasing”, whose main tagline turned out to be “Find Your Pleasing”, which has a complete meaning in itself. The main motive of this brand is to bring out joyful and happy experiences. 

We will talk more about this Pleasing Harry Styles Website, but first we will discuss in upcoming paragraphs the products they have launched under this brand.

Brief of products of Pleasing

Pleasing has many products under it. So, in this stanza, we will give you all the details of the products offered by their website. 

The first drop of this website is “Perfect Pearl”, and this includes:

  • Pearly white nail polish
  • Pearly matte topcoat
  • Nail polishs’ Curated quartet

The next product is a couple of skincare items:

  • Hybrid eye gel
  • Matte lip oil

Another product is an illuminating serum that has pearlescent balls. You can use it in the form of a primer. Pleasing Harry Styles Website is the place from where you can buy all these products. 

When was Pleasing launched?

On November 15, 2021, Harry Styles uploaded a picture of himself on his social media handle on Instagram. He uploaded that picture to promote his beauty brand ‘Pleasing’ with a caption on his post “Find Your Pleasing”. His image got so much love from his fans; especially it was big news for his female fans. According to the reports, Styles told in an interview, he had the idea of launching nail polish when he saw colour on wallpaper or a flower, and he felt so connected that he wanted that colour on his nails.

Pleasing Harry Styles Website

The products are limited and can be availed on pre-orders through their official website. The products are priced between $20-$60. Their shipment started on November 29, 2021. You can shop for products like nail polish at its official website


Based on our research, we found that this website has gained a lot of name and fame in less time. If you want to order, you need to visit the website, which is the only source to buy. To know more about Harry Styles Pleasing Brand, visit this link.

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