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Do you want a learning app for free? Do you want to get a learning app to improve your English? If yes, then then the article further which talks about an app, Free is a popular learning app. Also, the article contains the main features of the app. English is quite a fantastic language, which provides such importance in today’s life. Learning this language will expand the horizons and break the communication barriers in different countries like the United States, Sweden, Canada, and United Kingdom. Let us know the details about this app in the article below.


Playphrase. me Free is an app that provides you a platform to know and learn English very quickly. Rather than training the internal translator, it recommends the user or the learner immerse himself in the learning itself. This app provides the platform to learn English without learning it solely in English. So, this app allows the users to learn English quickly by listening to the sample phrases, which is the easiest way to learn English. Let us know some more details about it.

Features of Free

Following are the various features of this app that had made the app quite outstanding and excellent to try out:

  • Provides the user to search and know about multiple common phrases of the English.
  • It also auto-generates playlists with standard terms.
  • Users can save words and phrases on the playlists to study later.
  • Download and saving options are also available.
  • The downloads can also be accessed without any internet connection later.
  • The playlists can also be listened to and learned anytime, anywhere during leisure time.

More about Free is an app that is readily available on the platforms for free, like the Play Store and App Store. Also, this app has relatively more minor reviews that have been listed on the application. The trust score of this website is 100%. This site looks relatively safe to use. This website is ancient that is six years old. There are no negative highlights of this website available on the internet. It has 2.8 stars on the play store app and also two stars on the Apple app store.

Customer reviews about Free

The website has both positive and negative reviews on the internet by the users. Few of the users have highlighted the positive learning through the app, and some have negative reviews about it. So, one should always go through all the reviews before using them.


The application presents an incredible and ideal platform to learn English with the help of common phrases and offline use. It is easy for the users to make their English and vocabulary better and excellent. Playphrase. me Free has both positive and negative reviews of the app.

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