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Have you played Wordle in The New York Times? If you have gone through the other menus in the Wordle game, you may have found more fun games. In addition, numerous players from different parts of the world like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are also playing mini crosswords along with Wordle. 

Did you find all the answers to yesterday’s mini-puzzle, or did you get stuck in piques? Let’s know in-depth details on Piques Wordle.

Piques, as one’s appetite

The New York Times also offers other games like The crossword, Mini crossword, vertex, spelling bee etc. Mini crossword has now become a popular game. The game offers different puzzles daily with hints. Yesterday, a mini crossword came up with various hints for each word. One of the hints was Piques, as one’s appetite. Many players got confused over this and couldn’t find the answer.

The other hints include A little suspicious, The “S” of GPS: Abbr, Far away from land, Close relatives, informally. Now let’s talk about the most confusing hint, Piques, as one’s appetite. So the answer is “WHETS”. 

Piques Game

Some people misunderstand Piques as a wordle game. No, there is no such game related to Wordle. Piques was a part of a hint of 7 June mini crossword. Mini crossword is a game where you have to enter the words by looking at the hint in each block. The game offers new crossword puzzles daily. You can play the game either by making an account or can access the game without an account. 

The game provides hints for each word, and you have to fill in the one-word answer by looking at the hint. In a crossword puzzle, you must fill the answer in across and downward blocks. Piques Appetite answer was Whet. Whet and Piques have quite similar meanings. Whet one’s appetite means one desires to have more. 

Mini Crossword answers (8 June 2022)

Mini crosswords are easy to play. One hard thing is to solve all the puzzles. Although some players can find all the answers without any help, some players are unable to find all the answers.

 So here, we have provided the answer for today’s crossword. You can take help from these answers if you are stuck on any hint. As per Piques Wordle, there are some words that are hard to guess. Below are the answers to today’s crossword:


  1. Rice
  2. Nadal
  3. Ebill 
  4. Above
  5. Time

Downward blocks:

  1. Neat
  2. Rabbi
  3. Idiom
  4. calve
  5. Elle


In concluding this post, we have given in-depth details on pique, the hint of a mini crossword. You can get all the necessary details on mini crosswords. Mini crossword is a puzzle game offered by The New York Times. We have mentioned answers to the latest mini crossword game. You can visit this link to play the game.

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