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This post on Pidge Wordle will help readers know about the answer to today’s wordle. Keep reading further and explore the correct solution.

Do you play wordle? Are you searching for the answer to today’s wordle? Wordle is an online game in which the players have to guess with the help of provided hints. Wordle is developed by Welsh Software Engineer Josh Wardle. These days wordle is trending all over Australia because of its latest wordle, which was very confusing for the players to guess.

Kindly follow this post on Pidge Wordle to know more about the answer to 23rd July wordle puzzle.

Confusing Wordle 

Wordle provides its players with a daily challenge to guess the word with the help of a specific set of hints. Recently, on 23 July 2022, a wordle announced the puzzle which was quite confusing for the players. This confusion led the customers to search more about the answer to today’s wordle. Many people made different random guesses, but the most common guess was the Pidge as the answer to 23rd July puzzle.

After guessing Pidge as an answer, many people on the internet want to know Is Pidge a Word? To that question, the answer is yes. Yes, Pidge is a word. However, in our research, it was found that Pidge is not the answer for today’s wordle. 

Answer for today’s wordle

The 23rd July wordle came up with the following three hints:

  • The word contains two vowels at the second and fifth positions.
  • The third word of a five-letter word is D.
  • The word usually describes insects.

By looking at these hints, many people guessed the answer to be Pidge. This is untrue because when studied it is found that Pidge definition shows that it is a word used to describe a personal attendant. So what is the answer to today’s wordle? Without further delay, let’s know the answer in today’s wordle. The word which fulfills the criteria of the hints mentioned above was MIDGE. As you can see, both Pidge and Midge consist of vowels at the second and fifth position and the middle letter, the third letter of the word. Due to this, people were confused about today’s answer. But only Midge stands tall for the third hint. Hence,” MIDGE” is an answer for the wordle (23 July, 2022)

Pidge Wordle

Wordle is one of the most trending games of recent time. Wordle helps the players activate their thinking ability through their tricky questions. One such question was posted on 23 July, 2022, where many players were bluffed by the hints provided and chose the answer to be Pidge instead of Midge.


This post talks about the recent confusion in the wordle game. We also provided the answer to today’s wordle. And also, we have discussed why Pidge is not an answer for today’s wordle.

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