Pickinlove Reviews (Nov) Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?

Read this article about Pickinlove Reviews to explore the website’s legitimacy facts and also reveal whether the same can be trusted or not.

Do you prefer placing an order over an online platform? What is the domain age for Pickinlove? How old is the website? Is the platform reliable?

We advise you to confirm the legitimacy of the online platform before placing any orders with them. In this article below, we will reveal some facts about Pickinlove, the online clothing platform based in the United States.

Explore the pointers mentioned below to reveal the facts for Pickinlove ReviewsThese will help you get a clear view of the platform’s authenticity and will tell you whether the same is legit or not!

What is Pickinlove?

Women’s clothing is a very vast platform, and many brands offer multiple options in the same. Pickinlove is the newly launched online platform dealing with women’s clothing options. The website will offer multiple options for dress, party dress, autumn style fashion products, accessories, and various others.

You can also scroll down the options based on their arrival date as the website has different options segregated for the same.

But, Is Pickinlove Legit?

Specifications of Pickinlove:

  • Website: Deals with Women’s Clothing options.
  • Emailpickinlove@163.com
  • URL: https://pickinlove.com/Address: Not mentioned over the platform.
  • Contact number: Missing over the website.
  • Shipping Time: Processed within 5-7 days of order placement.
  • Shipping Cost: Free Delivery on orders above $69.99.
  • Delivery: Within 10-20 Business Days.
  • Returns/Exchange: Accepted within 14 days or order placement.
  • Refund: Initiated within five working days after the order is picked.
  • Mode of Payment: VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Amex, and online modes.

These all are the specifications of the platform. These will help you get an idea about the authenticity of the platform. To get more details about Pickinlove Reviewsscroll down to the pros and cons of the website to get a clear view.

Pros of the Website:

  • The website offers multiple options in women’s apparel.
  • Orders from the website come with easy replacement options within 14 days.
  • Al the policies of the platform are mentioned in detail over the platform.
  • The website offers multiple payment modes.

Cons of the Website:

  • The website contact details are missing over the platform.
  • The domain age of this website is also too young.
  • The social media presence of the platform is also not mentioned over the page.

Is Pickinlove Legit?

Before claiming the authenticity of the platform, multiple factors need to be addressed. In the case of Pickinlove, we have studied all these points for you and have mentioned the details in the pointers below. Go through the same to reveal the facts.

  • The domain age of this website is too young, as it was registered only 1.5 months ago.
  • The Social Media appearance of the platform is also not found.
  • Contact details of this website are also not mentioned over the platform.
  • The website offers multiple payment modes to its customers.
  • Pickinlove Reviews are not mentioned over the platform.
  • Some of the website reviews mentioned over the internet are also not in favor of the website.
  • All the policies of this platform are mentioned in detail over the platform.
  • Details about the website are not mentioned over the internet.
  • The website’s product quantity is limited.
  • The trust score of the website is also too low.

All these factors give a clear hint about this platform’s authenticity. These all-factors state that the platform is not very reliable. Let’s dig into the details for its reviews to get a clear view.

Pickinlove Reviews:

After scrolling down multiple links over the internet fortis reviews and other related information, we found out that not too many links are directing towards the same. Some of the sites that have written about Pickinlove have also not mentioned much in their favor. This raises suspicious views for this platform.

Also, the trust score for this platform is too low. Apart from all these factors, the unavailability of customer reviews for the platform is enough to restrict new customers from placing new orders.

Thus, the customer needs to wait for a while to check whether the website will gain some genuine customer Pickinlove Reviews. 

Apart from these factors, the newly launched platform always holds the risk of a scam.

How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed.

How to Get a Refund on PayPal, If Scammed

Click on this link to know the details for the same.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned all the details for Pickinlove an online platform selling women clothing. All these factors state that the platform is newly launched, and customers cannot rely on the same. They need to wait for a while until the website gains some genuine Pickinlove Reviews.

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6 thoughts on “Pickinlove Reviews (Nov) Is It A Legit Seller Or Not?”

  1. This is a fake company!!! They do not have contact information on their website. It comes from China and is NOT the clothes you see in the pictures. Do not buy from them! Just search the internet and you will see all the complaints. Delivery is not within 20 days, not even close. Plus, they charge a 20% restock even if the item has not been shipped. Which could take months.

  2. never order from pickinlove, it took a month and a half to ship then an additional three weeks to deliver, and when it finally came on not all of my items came and the quality was terrible as well as the color being completely different from what I ordered.

    • Hi Rose, thank you for telling us about the quality of the products that mean the web-store has no concern for the buyers and at the end buyers need to suffer. You can try for a refund or return. Take care.


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