6 Top-Rated Phone Spy Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

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Phone spy apps are increasingly available for both iOS and Android devices. Every spy app comes with its own unique set of features. Finding the right one among the many on offer is a bewildering task, so we have researched the 6 top-rated phone spy apps available for Android and iOS in 2022. 

6 Top-Rated Phone Spy Apps


uMobix is one of the best phone spy applications on the market. Once installed, it provides the user with complete access to the target device. Users can quickly and stealthily engage with the targeted device to view social networks, restrict contacts, manage accounts, change settings, track location, etc. 

Features include: 

  • Monitoring the real-time use of many popular apps; monitor social media accounts such as WhatsApp, Zoom, WeChat, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, etc. Track the YouTube search and watch history of the target device.
  • Track your target phone’s GPS location, monitor media and streaming, reveal any dating apps installed, and check out browser history and favorites.
  • Delete, block, and disable unwanted apps and websites, block contacts, and restrict incoming and outgoing messages.
  • An online status indicator shows if the monitored device is in use or inactive. The last recorded time of activity is visible to the user.

To track an iOS device, you will need the target’s iCloud ID and password to access monitoring on their device. 

You will need to access and physically install the app on the target Android devices.

uMobix is the most affordable app available and provides the best value for money.



SpyBubble is a user-friendly cloud-based application with all the necessary features for an effective spy app. It allows you not only to monitor almost all activities on the target phone but also to manage its usage.

Features include:

  • Stealth mode ensures the target is unaware that all calls, messages, locations, and online activity are tracked in real-time and reported to the user.
  • Discreet use of the phone’s camera enables the user to take photos.
  • All information provided by the spy app from the target device is easily accessible from a secure web-based account.
  • The spy app also records calls, uses GPS tracking, captures screenshots, etc.

The app usage is versatile, but it is mainly targeted at spouses who want to catch their partner red-handed quickly and stealthily. SpyBubble offers 3 affordable subscription plans.


Cocospy is a cross-compatible phone spying application that is easy to install and use. 

Features include: 

  • Complete stealth mode, enabling access to the target phone without being detected.
  • All device activity is updated and reported through a dashboard that provides comprehensive real-time information.
  • The user can check call logs, track sent and received SMS, and monitor online browsing history.
  • Cocospy enables the user to track a person’s real-time location through a SIM card or GPS. 
  • Alerts the user with Geofencing technology when a virtual boundary is breached.
  • Accessing the target’s activity on all the social media accounts as well. 

This application’s comprehensive yet straightforward dashboard has made it very appealing to many users across the globe. 

While using this app, no smartphone activity will remain hidden from the user, and this app will function discreetly. 

While using this application on both iOS and Android devices, you are not required to root or jailbreak either of these devices.  


XNSPY might be considered the industry leader among phone-spying apps. Its numerous features make it a popular choice among phone spy app users and an excellent surveillance tool for monitoring children or employees. 

XNSPY has more than 30 features, including: 

  • Real-time tracking of incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages.
  • Pinpointing and tracking the target phone’s location with GPS.
  • Advanced features such as the device’s WiFi history will track hangouts through previous WiFi connections.
  • Monitoring social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, etc.

XNSPY has many advanced features and affordable pricing options. 

The app is updated regularly to keep up with advancing technology, and the customer service is responsive to any problems users may experience.



Spyic is marketed primarily for concerned parents to monitor the activity of their children’s phones, both online and offline. Efficient and discreet, Spyic is simple to use yet equipped with all the necessary functions to effectively monitor a child’s phone.

The main features of the Spyic phone spy app are: 

  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls and messages, including SMS and popular social messaging apps like WhatsApp. 
  • Spyic offers a location tracking feature for identifying the target phone’s real-time location.
  • Monitoring all online activity and social media accounts. 
  • Simple to install and easy to use, download Spyic onto the target Android or iOS device. Once installed, the user can monitor the target device remotely from their control panel. 

Spyic may not have the advanced features of other phone spy apps, but it is a helpful app for monitoring your child’s online activities.


Hoverwatch specializes in tracking Android, Windows, and Mac OS X devices. Parents concerned for their children’s online safety, fearing cyberbullies and online predators, can download and install this application on their children’s phones to track their online activity. 

Features of Hoverwatch are:

  • Accessing the tracked phone’s complete contact list, including names, numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Access to entire call logs from the targeted device. 
  • Call details appear in chronological order, including names, contact details, and time/date stamps. 
  • Tracking entire browsing history and all bookmarked sites.
  • Monitoring activities and messages on popular social media accounts. 
  • Capturing screenshots in a hidden mode and displaying them for any instant messenger separately. 

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s Phone?

There are numerous reasons why a phone spy app user might want to spy on someone’s phone. The apps can help track a lost or stolen phone, monitor children’s online and cell phone activity for safety purposes, watch employees and their time management, or follow a cheating partner. Which spy app someone chooses will depend on their reasons for using it and the individual features they require.

Must-Have Features for a Phone Monitoring App

It would be easy to be entirely overwhelmed by the number of phone spy apps available for monitoring phones. 

Each phone spy program provides a wide array of features for different monitoring purposes. 

To help you find your way through the choices available, we have researched and listed a selection of must-have features for a phone monitoring and spying application. 

  • Location Tracking

Track the whereabouts of the target phone with the GPS location tracking feature. 

Best spy apps offer location tracking in real-time rather than delayed reporting. This feature is critical if you want to know exactly where your child is. Additional Geofencing technology sets virtual boundaries for your child’s activities and alerts parents to a breach.

The location tracking feature also quickly locates a lost or misplaced phone. 

Most applications provide detailed geographical information about the target phone, including precise geographical coordinates, a map view, and time and date stamps of all places visited.

  • Call Logs 

Most legitimate applications track the call logs of the targeted device in a detailed manner. 

Users can check incoming and outgoing call details, including the duration of each call, times and dates, contacts’ names, and the most frequent callers. 

Call logs enable parents to monitor who their children are in contact with, when and how often, intervene when necessary, and help keep them safe.

  • Stealth Mode

Stealth and secrecy are among the essential features of a phone spy app, inherent in the word spy. This feature ensures that the spying operations of the app remain subtle and discreet, quietly gathering information in the background. 

  • Social Media Monitoring

Social media apps have exploded onto the digital stage in huge quantities and are particularly popular with children and adolescents. Sadly, online predators and bullies also use them to access vulnerable people and potential victims.  

Track your child’s social media accounts extensively and keep your children safe.  

Check messages, friends, followers, posts, and pictures. Many phone spy tools also give the user the control to add, remove and block contacts, providing another layer of safety for your child.

  • Keylogger

Keylogging enables the user to monitor which keys have been pressed on the keyboard, revealing keywords and passwords.


Overall, phone spy tools are easy to install and use. However, ensure that your use remains within legal limits and doesn’t violate a person’s privacy. 


What data can I spy on with just the number?

Data involving social media, call logs, messages, etc., can be monitored by installing phone spy app software. 

However, with GEOfinder, you can use just the phone number to check your target phone’s location.

What social media can I spy on?

Using a spy app such as uMobix, users can track many of the most popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. 

However, if you wish to monitor a particular social media app, check the spying capabilities first.

Can I put a phone tracker on a target device without touching it?

Many phone tracking applications work purely from the cloud, so you can put a phone tracking app on a device without touching it. However, you will need to have the access details for the target’s cloud to install the app.

Can I track a device that is offline?

Yes. There are Find My for iOS and Find My Device for Android that enable users to locate their devices even if they are offline. You can also locate a phone by pre-installing an IMEI tracker on the target device.

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