Petbotlex Reviews {July} Is This A Legit Site Or Not?

Petbotlex Online Website Reviews

The article Petbotlex Reviews provides the readers with a detailed analysis of the website along with its technical determinant information.

Do you know someone who deeply urges you to save the environment? Are you aware of the simple steps you can take to help save the planet? Still unsure of how to proceed? 

In recent times, people in the United States have been showing their support for eco-friendly dress products. In that scenario, petbotlex is an e-commerce site that decides to sell eco-friendly t-shirts, so here in this article, we will discuss Petbotlex Reviews.

An overview of the shop 

Petbotlex is an emerging e-commerce site that sells comfortable t-shirts for both men and women. This is the most inspiring thing about it, that this online website sells eco-friendly t-shirts. They purchase high-quality cotton and polyester materials to make each t-shirt. They have installed the latest cloth screen printers so the t-shirts will last longer than the usual clothing, thus helping to reduce cloth wastage.

Their products are

  • Player t-shirt 
  • Keep calm themed t-shirts
  • Athletic t-shirts
  • Video gaming-themed t-shirts 

Specifications of the website 

Is Petbotlex Legit? The answer lies in the company’s efforts because many new online websites are emerging on a daily basis, and it is hard to find the legit one among the many. So the company’s specifications will help to clear up mistrust of the website.

  • Customers can petbotlex products at
  • Address to contact: their business is based in Florida, United States, 250 Palm-Coast Park -way -North -east, Palm-Coast region.
  • Mailing
  • Social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest icons are available in their contact section, but their account links are not opening, redirecting to the social media homepage.
  • Payment options: customers can pay via PayPal 
  • Petbotlex Reviews: customer reviews are absent 
  • Contact phone number: +1 659-210-3953
  • Content originality: 50 % plagiarized content
  • Privacy policy: they have provided a detailed way of processing the customer’s data. And they use Shopify to strengthen the privacy policy.
  • Return policy: every customer has the right to return the product within 14 days, provided that they have the purchase receipt.
  • Refund policy: the customers are eligible for a refund after a thorough inspection of the returned product
  • Shipping policy: free delivery charges for all customers; it will take around 1 -3 days for handling and 6–15 transit times for delivering the product.

 Petbotlex Reviews are unavailable for all four products. There is something suspicious in the specification parameters, so it needs a mandated evaluation.

Petbotlex advantages

  • Their delivery charges are nil for all customers.
  • They are providing quality t-shirts at a reasonable cost.
  • They have put so much effort into the product description.

Petbotlex disadvantages

  • The brand announces no discounts.
  • They have faked their social media activity.
  • There is no “about us” section on their website.
  • The website sells only 4 t-shirts.

Legitimacy assessment

Is Petbotlex Legit? It is necessary to know the legit nature of the petbotlex brand because people are getting fooled by the fabricated website data. To avoid confusion, we will analyze its technical indicators.

  • Domain age: the petbotlex domain was created on 16/06/2022. So the domain age of the potbotlex website is nearly one month
  • Domain expiry date: it has a short domain life because it expires on 16/06/2023
  • The Registrar’s name:  123 Reg Ltd
  • Trust index of petbotlex website: 2%; very low trust index 
  • Global Alexa Rank: ranked at 5975988
  • Data safety: HTTPS is detected 
  • Customer Reviews: Petbotlex Reviews are unattainable 
  • SEO score: they secured a decent SEO score of 62%
  • Plagiarism Percentage: potbotlex website is 50 percent plagiarized; only 50 % unique content 
  • Company name: hidden due to privacy issues 

Petbotlex Summary 

The customer reviews and comments help us to guess the shop’s authenticity, but we couldn’t see the people who reviewed the Petbotlex products. The most noticeable thing is that the website sells only four t-shirts, not more than that, but they failed to get a single review for those products either. Thus, this website might be an illegitimate one. Readers can check out this article Scamming with credit cards


Thus, the article Petbotlex Reviews provided detailed information about the website in a precise manner, this website does not appear to be legitimate because it has a very low trust score and more than half of the content is plagiarized, as well as false social media account information. 

Readers can also read about this Paypal Scam. People have to be more cautious while encountering these types of websites in future. For more information on t shirts.

Do you find this article useful? Let us know about your views on eco-friendly dresses in the comment section.

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