Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox {March 2022} Know How To Obtain It

We have discussed Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox and the Planet Egg that have the rarest chance of hatching in this post.

Are you an enthusiast of Pet Simulator X? Do you want to know about its best pet, the Galaxy Fox? If yes, stick to us. 

Galaxy Fox from the Planet Egg is the best in-game pet in Pet Simulator X. Many players Worldwide want to know more about the pet. So, in this post, we will discuss Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox.

About The Planet Egg

The Planet Egg is the only second egg that skipped Legendary Rarity in Tech World. Completing the Alien Forest from Pet Simulator X unlocks the Planet Egg. A Planet Egg requires 173 million Tech Coins to hatch. Whereas hatching its golden variety costs 1.55 billion Tech Coins. 

Jelly Alien, Alien Arachnid, Red Fluffy, Blue Fluffy, & Galaxy Fox are the five pets that can be found in the Planet Egg. This egg’s golden form is currently the most costly egg in Tech World. Also, this egg has the Galaxy Fox, the greatest pet in the game right now.

About Galaxy Fox

The Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox is a mythical pet. It can be achieved from the most valuable pet currently in the game. The pet can be obtained from the famous Planet Egg. The base chance of hatching a Galaxy Fox is just 0.0004 percent, making it the rarest. Also, it has a boost hatching chance of 0.011 percent. 

Galaxy Fox is termed the strongest and powerful character after the recent Alien Update in Pet Simulator X. The second character in the list of strong as well as powerful characters is Alien Parasite, obtained from Alien Forest by Martin Egg. 

Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox 

It is the re-model version of the Epic Pet Empyrean Fox, with only a 12 percent chance of hatching from the Empyrean Egg. The Empyrean Fox was one of the powerful pets with the best stats in the golden level, the rainbow level and the dark matter level.

Another special thing about the Empyrean Fox pet was that it was the only third pet in the game that could be obtained through completing an achievement.The golden variant of this Epic Pet can be obtained by completing the Holy Chest Achievement. Another dark matter version of it also existed. 

How to obtain Galaxy Fox?

Obtaining Pet Sim X Galaxy Fox through hatching the Planet Egg is not the only option. Players of Pet Simulator X can also buy the Galaxy Fox pet from the Travelling Merchant at the Shop location in the game and the Mystery Merchant at the Trading Plaza or the Cave biome. 

Galaxy Fox is available in three versions: normal, golden and dark matter, just as its predecessor Empyrean Fox. The dark matter version is the strongest currently in the game.


The best pet in Pet Simulator X, Galaxy Fox, is very powerful. Chances of Hatching the pet from the Planet Egg are rare. Visit this Galaxy Fox Wiki Fan page to know more.

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