Pet Festive Cat Sim X {Jan 2022} Know What Features Updated!

Pet Festive Cat Sim X is about the pet update that came along with the Christmas and Holiday update in the game.

Roblox’s Pet Simulator game has received multiple updates within a month, and players are happy to receive frequent updates. Also, they get themed pets as Christmas and holidays are here.

Also, players from the United States, United Kingdom, and Philippines are excited about the unequipped button that has finally arrived in the game. If you want to learn about the update on December 18th and know Pet Festive Cat Sim X, we are here with the helpful information below.

What is pet simulator X?

The Roblox-based game released by the BIG game is a colorful place with cute little creatures called pets. The players can get different items, spend their time growing those pets, and sell them in the marketplace.

Pet Simulator allows the players to explore the pet world and grow their collection by hatching eggs and breeding them. Later on, they can upgrade and trade with other players and have a wallet full. But doing this may require certain tips and tricks. That is why we have got information on Pet Festive Cat Sim X. But first, we will check what is there in the Christmas updates?

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update:

It is time to get cosy with the brand new update in the game. Pet Simulator may see another update along with the Christmas Eve event. However, we will discuss here what we have as of now:

  • Christmas Event:

A brand place where you also get Christmas Eggs will be available for you. But you have to keep an eye on the Christmas Event as the date is still not mentioned.

  • 23 new pets:

Nearly a dozen pets arrive in the updates, including Huge Pet Festive Cat Sim X.

  •  Gingerbread:

A new currency update that gamers got during the event is gingerbread. You can buy eggs for a limited time during the holiday event.

  •  4 new eggs:

The limited-time eggs are Jolly Egg, Christmas Tree egg, Egg of many gifts, Gingerbread egg.

 Loot bags are also available, but you cannot identify them easily as they are similar to ordinary bags. However, you will surely get gingerbread and festive gifts if you are fortunate enough. Along with this Map got the touch of winter snow and holiday makeover. In addition, the new update has an Unequip all button for which players are waiting for long.

Pet Festive Cat Sim X

A huge Festive cat is an extremely rare pet in the exclusive shop of the game. However, the following is still unknown:

  • Golden Level: ???
  • Rainbow level: ???
  • Dark Matter Level: ???

 You can hatch the festive cat from the Egg of Many gifts available in the Christmas world. Please note that hatching this egg costs 1.25 million, and it contains 7 pets, including a Huge festive cat. In addition, the chance of hatching is 0.000002%.


So, we have seen many updates that you are getting from the Christmas and Holiday, including the huge Pet Festive Cat Sim X. Do not forget to keep your pets warm during this winter! You can also read about the festive cat.

 Do you know how to get these Huge Festive Cats? If so, let other players know in the comment section below.

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