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This article on Pease Wordle guides you with the proceeding way to the Wordle 349 Solution and the gameplay of this game.

Are you looking for the answer, hints and the rules for Wordle 349? Are you facing some issues in solving yesterday’s puzzle game? If yes, then we can guide you. While the puzzle seems interesting and exciting to answer, still, you may require clues and hints.

Wordle is a well-known game played by game lovers in India, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia. This post will guide you in deep regarding this popular world game, Wordle 349 and Pease Wordle.

Wordle 349 – How to Solve?

Are you exciting to know the answer to yesterday’s wordle 349? First, we will guide you on the hints so that you can easily guess the right word based on them. Even after knowing these hints, some people answer it as ‘Pease’ while the correct solution to Wordle 349 is ‘PHASE’.

Wordle 349 – Follow Hints:

  • The word starts with the letter P
  • The correct term ends in the letter E
  • There will be more than one vowel in today’s right word

These hints create confusion in the mind of the players as there are a lot of words following these clues, as we have mentioned below.

Discover List of All Possible Answers to Pease Game Wordle:

To follow the above points, we can guess the below-mentioned words: –

  • Padle
  • Padre
  • Paire
  • Paise
  • Pagle
  • Pease
  • Phase
  • Pance

But the correct wordle word is ‘PHASE’ from the above list.

Wordle Game:

It is a game based on solving 5-letter-word and is enjoyed by almost all players worldwide. Josh Wardle has developed this exciting puzzle game. In this quiz, some clues are mentioned for finding the exact solution.

The wordle answer word should have some meaning as most people guessed ‘Pease’ and thought Pease Wordle was an answer to Wordle 349, while the exact answer is ‘Phase’ which means a process of development/change.

How to Play Wordle Game?

  • Visit the official page of the game Wordle.
  • Observe all the hints and start thinking about making a 5-letter word based on them.
  • Users will get overall six chances to find the exact solution.
  • After taking your guess, the box colour will change to different colours like green, yellow or grey.
  • If it takes green colour, it means your guess is correct, and if yellow, it means the letter is correct but at the wrong place.
  • As in yesterday’s Wordle, if you enter ‘E’ in 2nd place to make Pease Wordle answer, the grey colour will appear, which means the letter is incorrect.
  • And the most exciting part is that you can show your skill to your friends by sharing your guess result.


While working on yesterday’s wordle 349, you found various hints to crack the quiz easily, and the correct answer is ‘PHASE’. This article has guided you on all clues, answers, multiple rules and proceeding way to yesterday’s Wordle, and still, if you need to gather further details on the Wordle 349, click here to visit the link.

Is this article on Pease Wordle helpful for you? Kindly mention your opinions below.

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