Scam {Nov 2022} Check All The Relevant Details!

The post discusses Scam and elaborates further information about the scam.

Isn’t internet a place that is extremely useful for getting information practically on anything and everything? Unfortunately, however, the platform also attracts a lot of scammers and hackers to lure people into sharing their information, such as financial data, to empty their accounts.

There are too many scams on the internet, especially in South Africa, in the name of Paythat Scam. However, it is a payment scam which makes people believe in sharing the information. In this article, we will share more details about Scam and further data.

What is Paythat?

Paythat is an online application that allows users to get information about the fines levied on traffic in the city of cape town in South Africa. Users can search for fines using the Traffic Infringement Number or the ID number.

However, some scams are currently prevailing on the internet wherein users have shared details about receiving messages about impending fines along with a link. The messages are shared in the name of asked to make payment by clicking on the link.

Furthermore, it is a Scam, and there is no message shared by the platform to any users. Following the same, we will share further details about the scam and the app in the below sections.

A Gist About

  • The City of Cape Town recently revised its traffic lines along with the pay-by-law contravention statements.
  • It is because the recent contract has ended with other third-party services.
  • Herein, using QR codes, three channels are added to the payment line, including Masterpass, Snapscan and Zapper.
  • Besides, users can also make payments using the link
  • These payments can be made through payment stations at different places. Scam – How to Safeguard from Scams?

As per sources, the new payment channels including, and will not be available. These modes will be closed from 01 July 2022. While these payment options will reflect in the phase of the process and even in the traffic notices, it is recommended not to utilize them the same.

Besides, there is no official message that is shared through messages individually to users asking them to make payments. The recent scam includes a link requesting the user to make payment for fines through the link. However, users are expected to be vigilant and not share any financial information on Scam. Besides, only use the official website to check the fine using the ID Number and Traffic Infringement Number for making payments.

Final Conclusion

In addition to the above, users can also go through the FAQs listed on the website to get many queries answered. It has to be noted that all information is taken from sources on the internet, and we hold no claim to it.

If you wish to know more about the scams and what is the process of making payments through the website related to Scam by reading.

Did you, too, receive any message in the name of Do share your views and opinions in the comments section.

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