Payaler Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Offer A Legit Deal?

This article holds fair Payaler Reviews about the e-store that sells clothing items.

Are you planning to update your wardrobe? If yes, then you must check out the Payaler store’s collection.

Nowadays, people spend tons of money to stay in trend due to the influence of social media. Moreover, many clothing brands exist in the United States, but still, every passing day, you will get to see the new website. In the cutting-edge fashion world, making your place in the online market is impossible. But, Payaler store has passed this difficulty. 

Let’s learn about this e-store and its collection and legitimacy below in these Payaler Reviews.

What is Payaler?

Payaler is an experienced clothing brand that trades in women’s fashion. The team members of the Payaler’s has worked for many renowned brands in the past and have also holds good experience in producing designer clothing.

The website offers excellent quality clothing as it directly deals with the factory to the consumer. Moreover, the dress prices are also affordable as the site provides a massive discount on its entire collection. 

Besides that, the clothing ranges you will find on the website are tops, t-shirts, casual dresses, winter cardigans, sweaters, bottoms, etc. Payaler store has worldwide shipping, including the United States.

If you still have some questions and want to find out Is Payaler Legit or not, then read further.

What are the features of Payaler?

  • Website’s URL-
  • Products- clothing 
  • Email address-
  • Company address- XBP international LTD. 145-157, LONDON, ENGLAND, EC1V 4PW
  • Telephone number- not specified 
  • Newsletter- not specified 
  • Delivery charges- free shipping on orders over $79
  • Estimated shipping time- within 35 business days 
  • Return policy- within 30 business days 
  • Refund policy-within seven business days 
  • Social media icons – mentioned 
  • Payment method-DISCOVER, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Before you click on the checkout button, read these Payaler Reviews till the conclusion.

What are the fair points of ordering from Payaler?

  • The website is HTTPS encrypted.
  • The site holds its complete contact information on it.
  • It holds valid social media links.
  • It provides a free shipping option on purchases over $79.
  • The website includes optimistic shoppers’ remarks on it.
  • It provides a discount.

What are the unfair points of ordering from Payaler?

  • The site does not have a certified mail server.

Is Payaler Legit?

In this section, we have enclosed all the information that will help you clarify the doubts related to the website’s authenticity. Unfortunately, these days the internet is loaded with scam sites that claim to offer original products at low prices. Therefore, the below-listed checkpoints will reveal the actual intentions of the Payer.

  • This online site’s domain date-the website’s domain name was registered on 30/07/2021.
  • This online site’s domain expiration date- the website’s domain would expire on 30/07/2022.
  • Customer reviews- there are optimistic customer’s Payaler Reviews mentioned on the website. 
  • Social media icons- the mentioned social media links are valid as it takes you to the official Facebook page.
  • Content quality- the published information seems copied. 
  • Address originality- the same company address is also shared by the other site. 
  • Alexa rank- there is no Alexa ran results found. 
  • Trust index rank- the site’s trust rank is poor that is 1.8%.
  • Trust score- the site’s trust score is lower than the expectation, that’s 1%.
  • Unrealistic offers- this online site is providing unreasonable discount offers on it.

Customers’ Payaler Reviews

Fortunately, the website has managed to gain positive remarks from its shoppers, where customers have shared their joyful shopping experience from this website. 

Moreover, from one reviewing portal, the site has earned 4.5 stars of rating and all optimistic feedbacks, but we can’t rely on such remarks as it does not contain verified customer IDs. While from the renowned feedback portals like Trustpilot, the Payaler store has received 3.8 stars of ratings and decent remarks. 

However, no comments are found on the official Facebook page of the site. Therefore, some of the available customer reviews do not seem entirely reliable.

In case you have lost your money via PayPal then read here.

The Final Verdict

After considering all the parameters in these Payaler Reviews, we concluded that the website seems tricky as the mentioned company address has been shared by many scamming portals, which is a red flag. 

Besides that, obtained customer reviews are not 100% genuine. Consequently, be cautious while shopping from this site and do research well before placing your order and consider all the other parameters also along the positive reviews.

Also, read: how to get your scammed money back via credit card?

What do you have to say about this e-portal? Kindly post your remarks below in this review post.

33 thoughts on “Payaler Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Offer A Legit Deal?”

  1. Their site’s shipping page says:

    “Due to high demand and the ongoing issues related to Covid-19, all shipment to Canada and the U.S are delayed . As of now, we are unfortunately seeing a delay in all over-sea shipments. All packages will arrive but it will take a longer time. If you have any further questions regard to shipping delay, please contact customer support for refund or other alternatives.”

    HOWEVER, their About Us page says:

    “ is proud to offer its great products at fabulous prices to customers across the globe. We recently opened a warehouse in the United States and now ship directly from there. In addition to bolstering the US economy by increasing jobs, it also means a speedier delivery for our US customers.”

    So which is true???  Because this is so contradictory, there are numerous grammatical errors, the business has only had a domain address for 4 months and there is no phone number, I wouldn’t purchase anything from them.

  2. Never Received my items however I was charged and this was going back to October I am going to contact my credit card and dispute this purchase

  3. Never received my items however I was charged in October on my credit card which I am going to call and dispute this purchase

    • Hello Never received my items however I was charged in October on my credit card which I am going to call and dispute this purchase, it’s long time you did not receive your order. Please check if they are available. Check for refund. Please do update us. Thanks.

      • I also haven’t received my items. I received an email with a tracking number, however the only update is that a shipping label was created on 11/18/2021…nothing more. I will NEVER recommend this “so called Company!” I better get my money back!

        • Hello Stacy, We feel very bad to hear such incidents. Did you try to trace through tracking number? Try if you can, else reach out for a refund. No other option. Hope you get your product. Thanks for the update. Be cautious. Take care.

        • I’m trying to return 2 items and they are telling me that shipping costs are to high and i can keep the items and they will credit me a small amount of money- I don’t want the items bc they don’t fit. Ive’been back and forth with them and have them up to about 55% of the cost- will never do any shopping with them again

  4. Hello, I haven’t received my order. I received a Usps tracking number but the post office never received the product to ship. Sounds like they submit a request label for shipping but never ship. Every time I reach out they tell me to keep checking back! I will be disputing the charge. I’m also going to contact the BBB to report!

  5. I ordered 2 sweatsuits the money was charged to my credit card but I haven’t received the items.
    You don’t communicate well with your customers I have not been given any type of delivery time.
    The credit card was charged a month ago. My order number is 2763261. Please contact me with my delivery date
    Or I will notify my credit card company and have that payment canceled. Contact me with some legitimate
    Information on my order. It’s been quite a while since I heard from you.

    Ann Moore

    • Hello Ann Moore, it’s terrible. Such a time gap order, no response from them. Any confirmation mail or a tracking number? Check if you get an answer, else directly reach to get a refund. Better option to get money back. Please guide other individuals here. Be alert. Thanks. Take care.

    • Hello Tom Hohman, Did you get any tracking number or confirmation Email from them? If you see comments, all are facing the same issue. Few received order with low quality products. So better check with them, else you can reach for a refund. It will save your money. Please update us. Take care. Thanks.

  6. This company uses the dodge that most off shore companies use. The order direct from off-shore and create a USPS label. They count this as shipped. The UPSP site states no knowledge of the order until their bulk ship arrives and they repackage and deliver to USPS. They consider this process shipped when it is not. Customer service tries to blame USPS for not updating their site. Is a scam where they create review answers that state it’s shipped from the USA for USA orders leading people to think they are dealing with a USA company process not a drop ship from overseas to thei reprocessing center.

    • Hello Fran Musgrove, Thanks for the information. Most of them dropped same message. Hope you all get justice. Please update any feedback you get, so buyers will get details as and when needed. Be cautious. Take care.

  7. I ordered an outfit in coffee color.
    I received an outfit that is pink and blue.
    I emailed them about this and they said sometimes the pictures have “slight differences “. This was not slight!
    I would not ever order from them again.

    • Hello Carolyn, such shocking response, makes feel bad. Yes, it is not slight. It has much difference, they give reasons, which have no meaning and nothing. They escape with such reasons and the buyers have to bear. Do take care before any purchase. Thank for the update. Be careful. Take care.

    • I order a top from them. The item that came was not a match at all to the photo they show. I asked for directions for a return/refund and the
      response was: So you don’t like our clothing?….highly inappropriate, sounds like a child or a scammer. They insisted I send them a photo of
      the top I received..? So they do not know what they sent me?….I asked for a full refund and they offered $10 when a full refund would be $40.
      I asked for a full refund and received a ‘no reply’ message that they would offer me a %15 discount on my next order.
      STAY AWAY from this company!

  8. I order from them and the quality is horrible, there is no return paper in with the clothes and cannot find a number for them, email never gets answer

  9. I ordered 2 shirts, primarily because they were made in the US, good reviews and free, easy returns. I’m pretty sure they were not made in the US. There are no identifying labels (as required by the FTC), the fabric is poor quality and they are oddly shaped (very wide but very short). When I contacted them about returning the items they offered me $12 (total price was $83) and said I could keep the items (which I do not want). Do not order from them!

    • Hi Karin, Hope you are well! This is sad and shall guard us against the scammers. Scam websites send such cheap stuff, which is of no use. Please do not order anything from them. PLease stay alert. Stay safe.

  10. I ordered from them off a Facebook ad that said their merchandise was made and shipped from the US. My total order was more than $145. My credit card was charged a few days after I ordered and I was emailed a tracking number whose status indicated it was waiting for the merchandise to arrive. This was early November. Finally, Dec. 11, my 4 items arrived. So disappointed. I $45 dress looks like a Halloween costume. All the detail is not in the product, but transferred on to it. All 4 items were very cheaply made. There is no way these items are made in a quality US factory. The items that look like they are knit, are not. They are nylon or some other synthetic material that has a picture transfer on it of the knit fabric. Items that look like they sparkle, really are white stars transferred onto the fabric. Some of the items on Payalor’s website that cost from $35-$65, can also be found on the Wish shopping app or website with prices from $2.86 – $5.99 (exact same pictures). Wish comes direct to you from China so at least you know what you are getting. When I asked for a return (there is no phone number, just an email that someone answers late into the evening), I was told they could refund me $20 and I could keep the items. I answered that this was not OK, I wanted a full refund. I then called my credit card company to dispute the charge. Do NOT buy from this company. Facebook should take down these fraudulent companies and prevent them from advertising.

  11. Finally got my shirt after waiting a month. It is NOT what is advertised in the picture!!! Cheap Chinese knockoff. This is not made in the US as their website says. Material isn’t the same, style isn’t the same. Would not recommend these people to anyone. I ordered two shirts so glad they cancelled one. I did get a refund on my credit card.

  12. I placed an order used PayPal. Finally received it and it’s correct in color but the material is awful! Nothing like how they described it nor how it was presented in picture. I have sent them an email as they will not accept returns without an authorization from them. Should I just wait to hear or start a report with PayPal Seems they find every reason they can not to refund

    • Hello Viv Forgacs, It’s been a long time. If you check reviews of other buyers, they also received their order late. They faced many issues with the order. The products are not as advertised, have no quality, etc. Hope you receive the right order. Check the order whether it is the same as in the advertised picture. Stay updated. Take care. Thanks.

  13. Do not order from this fraudulent company. I ordered 4 items at the cost of over $145. The website says all products are made in the US with warehouses in US, Canada and Australia. Also, the website says shipping in 1-2 weeks (mine was 5), and free returns within 30 days.

    Well, I contacted their email support (no phone number) to attempt a return. I was first offered $20 to keep the clothing, then when I said that was unacceptable, I was offered $48, and then the last offer was $70. They told me that they could not offer more than that because their receiving warehouse is in Dubai.

    The bags that the clothing come in that have the item number on them say made in China. Also, product descriptions are incorrect, as one of the items I ordered was supposed to be 70% cotton. It was entirely synthetic material except for some crochet attached to the forearms. It was definitely not 70% cotton.

    A quick look on the Wish website (products from China) will bring up some exact pictures of the exact tops they are selling. Price from Wish? anywhere from $2.86 to $5.99.

    Everything about this company is fraudulent. They also don’t accept valid reviews less than 5-stars. I submitted 2, 1-star reviews and validated them. They never made it to the website.

  14. I am trying to find the address to ship a return. Customer service keeps replying that the “package was delivered.” No kidding. That’s why I now need the return information.

  15. Hello, I too ordered a couple of shirts on Dec. 6, 2021 and still have not received my shirts. It is now Jan 13, 2022 and they keep telling me its in transit. Do no buy from this company. Run as fast as you can. They do not have a customer service number to contact only an email. They just keep repeating themselves that it is in transit. Do not believe them and report it as fraud. I will be contacting my bank and try and get my money back. It’s to bad this company is a fraud because they do have some really cute shirts that I would have liked!


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