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Paul Vincent Blackhawks post has information related to the May 2010 scandal and its investigation report released on 26th October.

The alleged incident around 10th May 2010 during the Blackhawks playoff match is hitting the news headlines in Canada and the United States. Sexual abuse of juniors is a common problem we face every day, but nobody is ready to acknowledge it. 

During a 27-minute video interview, Kyle beach tears are enough to tell the suffering he must have gone through in the last ten years. Paul Vincent Blackhawks refused to participate in the internal inquiry of the team and wanted the report to be made public.

Chicago Blackhawks 2010 Incident:

John Doe is the anonymous name of the player who, as per the allegation, was sexually assaulted by the then video coach Brad Aldrich during Stanley’s cup 2010. The other player known as John Doe 1 has also labelled similar allegations against Aldrich.

According to Kyle Beach’s recent video post, he was vindicated and relieved that people acknowledged his suffering. Blackhawks Initially tried to play down the incident, and former coach Joel Quenneville publicly said he had no information about any allegation.

Paul Vincent Blackhawks:

Paul Vincent was a skilled coach with the Blackhawks when the Beach and Aldrich incident happened. When Jenner and Block, the hired law firm by Chicago NHL, tried to contact him to participate in the inquiry, he refused.

The condition set by Vincent was that unless the law firm gave in writing that the finding would be made public, he wouldn’t participate in it. According to Vincent, the management mishandled the investigation earlier, and it’s hard for him to believe them now.

In an interview with TSN, former skill coach Paul Vincent Blackhawks said that he advised them to contact the crime branch of the Chicago police for a fair investigation.

Blackhawks Investigation Report:

On the 26th of October 2021, the law firm hired by the sports team made the report of the investigation public.  The Blackhawks regretted the incident and its subsequent cover-up by the then officials. It accepted that the team management and its officials could not live up to the organization’s expectations.

They also apologized to the victims of the incident and pledged to do better in future. This report was a great relief for Kylie Beach, as seen in the video post and he felt relieved by it. Beach referred to Paul Vincent Blackhawks as an “amazing man” when he first revealed the incident.

According to reports, most of the officials wanted to sweep the matter under the carpet. For Coach Joel and President McDonough, winning the Stanley cup’s final was more important than anything else.

Note- This write-up contains all the facts present on the internet.

Final Verdict:

In some cases, suffering can only be healed by acknowledging it, and the victim is only looking for acceptance of misdeed done to him. During the interview, Kylie Kyle Beach blasts NHL’s Gary Bettman, former coach Joel Quenneville ( 

The 26th October report has given him a sense of justice after ten years. People can share their thoughts on Paul Vincent Blackhawks post in the comment section below.

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