How to Use Pattern Wall Decals to Make the Children’s Room Standout?

What is beautiful about wall decals is their being customizable. You can customize your wall decal, design it, print it, and hang it in the perfect way you imagine. You only need a brilliant idea, and you will have a unique design for your children’s room. Here are a few of them: 

Learn Shapes

You can design wall decals with simple geometrical shapes. You can also add text to it. It is a handy idea if your kids are still young and learning about shapes and their names. They will learn about geometrical shapes, their names, and their characteristics. You can decorate their walls with all shapes to let them watch it every day, learn about their names, and think about their unique features. Kids who grew up learning about shapes and basic geometry concepts will develop brilliant minds!

Label Everything!

You can always use patterns of simple geometrical shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, and more in naming and writing information about many things in your kids’ room. It will help young children to know the names of everything around them. Also, you can use it to encourage them to give more attention to something, such as writing something encouraging on their studying desks or beds. Besides its being a beautiful decoration idea, it will help your children to learn the names of everything in their environment, and it will help them to put everything in its place! 

Girly Room

It is easy to imagine creative wall decals designs for little girls. We immediately memorize the pink color, the red colors, unicorns, and lots of hearts. Girls are usually emotional beings; They feel happy when they see shapes and colors they like. And you can make them love their rooms if they enjoy seeing the color they prefer and the characters they love the most. Use simple shapes like hearts, raindrops, unicorns, and pink colors! 

Learn to Plan

There are simple patterns to create out of simple geometrical shapes to design magnificent and handy wall decals in your children’s room. You can give the room an organizational style by making its wall a place for planning! It is beautiful and will help your kids to trace their goals and will help them to value the planning. Use simple shapes to create calendars, checklists, to-do lists, whiteboards, and more things you can design in no time. You can draw these items on the wall decal itself, or you may get them real stuff (calendars, board, etc.) and use wall decals to decorate their spots in their rooms. 

The Family Tree

As elders, we appreciate the family because we understand how precious it is to have someone who loves us unconditionally. Yet, It is not an easy concept for kids to get because they still believe that everyone loves them unconditionally! 

You can use simple patterns of simple geometrical shapes such as lines, squares, triangles, and circles to create a family tree on your children’s wall. You can combine it with their pictures, names, or writing something nice they did to the kids, so they know who was once good to them. It is a simple idea to design and use, and it will help your kids to get to know and appreciate their families. 

Make Wall Hangers

You can design wall decals to create beautiful wall hangers, different shapes, and designs for everything your kids hang on their walls, such as shelves, clocks, photographs, etc. 

You can use similar shapes with different sizes or the same geometrical shapes with different colors and features. You can be creative and design a wall decal idea that will give the entire room and its hung objects a specific character. You can also do the opposite, and it will remain beautiful; You can decorate your kids’ room with different wall decals for everything they hang on their walls. Such as the classical clock bird box, labels on their shelves, encouraging words on their beds and studying desks, something beautiful beside their wardrobes, etc. 


Are you proud of your kid? You must be. And you can teach them how to be proud of themselves using wall decals. You can hang memories of their accomplishments on their walls, show them and teach them the value of success with wall decals! You can use simple arrows, shapes, and maps at Happy Decals patter category to hang all of their accomplishments on their wall in the form of a timeline, map, magazine covers, or many more ideas. It is simple, and you can do it with simple designs. And most importantly, it will boost your kids’ self-confidence. And it will motivate them to have more accomplishments to hang on their walls! 

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