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Read consolidated information about the monarchy system followed around the world. Also, learn about Paises com Monarquia.

As you are aware, the British empire ruled approximately 24% of the world by 1920, covering 13,700,000 sq. mi of the entire earth and 412 million people, which constituted approximately 23% of the total world’s population during those days. 

As time passed by, many nations gained independence. But did you know that the monarchy system still exists in 43 countries worldwide? Therefore, the people of Brazil and Portugal are interested to know about Paises com Monarquia.

Countries with Monarchy:

There are 206 countries worldwide, out of which 43 still abide by Monarch rule. However, with the advent of democratic rule, the monarchy rule currently combines the monarchy system with the constitutional and parliamentary system.

It is a mixed form of government where the monarch is the only constitutional head with no role in the day-to-day operations of the government. But, several absolute monarchies systems also exist in the world where the monarch is vested with absolute powers. Let’s study different forms of monarchies that exist.

Types of Países Com Monarquia Atual: 

  • Commonwealth Kingdoms— Fifteen independent countries still authorize the British monarch as the sovereign head of the country. All fifteen states were once a part of British colonies. The monarch has limited powers and mostly performs ceremonial duties.
  • European Monarchies— The monarchs of Monaco and Liechtenstein enjoy absolute powers. The King of Monaco appoints the country’s Council of State. The king of Liechtenstein has the power to veto any law passed by the Landtag. He can appoint or remove any member of the government. The people of Liechtenstein have the power to call a referendum to end his reign.
  • Islamic states with Paises com Monarquia— Bahrain, Brunei, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are influenced by Islamic religions, which determine political aspects. Brunei, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have absolute monarchs enjoying broad political powers. At the same time, Bahrain and Kuwait have mixed monarchies. 
  • Asian monarchies— Asian countries, including Bhutan, Cambodia, Japan and Thailand, provide limited powers to their monarchs and follow a constitutional system for governance.
  • Atypical monarchies— Due to several political, historical, and geographical reasons, Tonga, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malta, and the Vatican do not get classified under the monarchies system as mentioned above. Tonga and Lesotho have constitutional monarchs. Vatican and Eswatini are Paises com Monarquia following absolute monarchy

Membership in various organizations:

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain, and the UK are NATO members. Australia, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK are members of the G20. Canada, Japan, and the UK are also members of the G7.


The Monarchy system follows the election of the head of the state based on the hereditary and principles for electing the successor of its current monarch. Some monarchies, such as Eswatini, feature diarchy as the king shares the rule with his mother. At the same time, by virtue of status, the Pope is the absolute sovereign of the Vatican.

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