Paintly Reviews (March 2022) Is This A Legit Website?

Read Paintly Reviews and get to know all the details about this website’s legitimacy that you need to be aware of.

Are you looking for a unique customized gift for anyone? Then, you must have crossed ways with offers some interesting products that might be the right choice for a gift this holiday season. And it ships worldwide to the United States, and other countries. But before you decide and place your order on this website, it is best to read this article. 

For those who do not know if the website is legit and trustable; we thought of doing an in-depth investigation and hence, the Paintly Reviews article.

So, read this article and find everything that you need to be aware of.

What is

It is the gift shopping stop for you to show the care and love you have for your loved and dear ones. It helps you preserve those happy memories in a unique and fun way.

Customers can order a custom paint by numbers canvas for any picture and even get a personalized puzzle with any picture of their choice. 

While the products sold on this website are on sale, it should not divert you from the real question- Is Paintly Legit

All the information and procedure for placing an order online is mentioned on the website. Customers can also buy a separate set of premium paintbrushes for a better result.

Specifications of

Read the following information related to to get its overview:

  • URL: 
  • Domain age: this website was registered by the owner on 27 July 2021. Thus, it has a domain age of 3 months and 25 days
  • Category: customized puzzles, canvas paintings, and related products e-commerce site
  • Phone number: not provided on the website
  • Address: we mention in Paintly Reviews that no company address is present on the website
  • Email address: 
  • Working hours: Monday to Friday- 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM EST
  • Social media icon present: no social media icons or links are given on the website
  • Payment methods: customers can make payments via Google Pay, PayPal, Shop pay, and credit cards like Discover, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and more.
  • Shipping and delivery policy: the company ships its products internationally to countries like the United States and more. For custom products, it may take 3-5 business days to process the order. We state in Paintly Reviews that you can check the shipping time on the website as it is different for different countries. Tracking information is also provided.
  • Return policy: customers can return the products within 30 days of receiving them. The products must be returned with tags, in original packaging, and same condition. 
  • Refund policy: once the return is inspected, the company will notify you if the refund is approved. A refund will be made to the original payment method.

Pros of This Website 

  • Get easily customized products
  • Customer-friendly policies
  • Free standard shipping

Cons of This Website

  • Copied content
  • Low trust score
  • Short domain age and domain expiration period
  • Limited products

Is Paintly Legit?

Please take a look at the below-mentioned factors:

  • Trust score: 1/100 trust score is given to this website
  • Trust Rank: 7.5/100
  • Domain age: 3 months and 25 days; 27/07/2021
  • Domain Validity: It is valid till 27/07/2022
  • Alexa rank: a rank of #4,244,154 is assigned to
  • Customer reviews: no trustable feedbacks or ratings can be found  
  • Customer policies: most of the policies are customer-friendly and clearly stated on the site
  • Plagiarized content: this website contains copied content from other online websites
  • About Us page: no such page or section is provided on the site 
  • Social media links or connections: none were found
  • Owner’s details: no information about the owner is provided

Shoppers’ Paintly Reviews

We always emphasize that a simple technique to check the legitimacy of a website is by verifying its customer reviews. And by this, we do not mean to verify the reviews mentioned on the website similar to 

Reviews and ratings on the same website can hardly be considered reliable and genuine. And we searched for some reviews on the Internet of this website, and unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. Thus, it is baffling to be certain of its legitimacy or reputation. 

Do you agree with us? Let us know your views on this website offering customized puzzles .

Also, get more information on Credit Card Scams.


In Paintly Reviews, we analyzed this website claims to sell customized products like personalized puzzles and custom paint by numbers. is a well-laid website with discounted products. The procedure of placing the order is simple and mentioned on the website. 

Even though there are many perks of shopping from it, there are some negative points about as mentioned in this post. Therefore, we would ask you to be cautious while shopping from and look for some supporting genuine customer reviews. 

And do not forget to get more information on PayPal Scams.

44 thoughts on “Paintly Reviews (March 2022) Is This A Legit Website?”

    • Hello jordyn Hill, feels sad they provide such services to customers. It seems they are trying to cheat. Try to be in touch with them to know about the order. Let us know if you get any feedback. Thanks. Be aware.

  1. It’s been a week since I ordered something & I received a tracking number, but it says it is not found. On their website it says it may say this until it’s in the US or something but I think it’s sketchy. Wish I would have done more reading before ordering.

    • Hello Alyssa, Yes, please go through buyer’s reviews to know about the portals or products. It will help you better to know about it. Did you check for a refund? This is the last option; buyers can opt for. Please update us, if any receive any details from them. Thanks. Take care.

  2. I ordered one a few days ago and initially I didn’t think I got my tracking number but then I check my junk file and it was there however when I look at the Shipping Company it is track 17 which is notorious scam facilitator!

    I’m 99.9% certain I’ve been scammed again!

    • Hello Elaine, No one has got their order to date. The buyers have expressed the same issue and no response from them at all. So, they are fraudulent for sure. Don’t expect to get the order from them. Try for a refund. Nothing will work other than this. Take care. Please update, so other buyers will be aware of such portals. Thanks

    • Hello Adrianna, We feel sad to hear about such incidents. The buyers have to face nowadays. Buyers, please check the reviews before you proceed for any online transactions. Did you drop any mail? Please check else go for the refund option. Please update here. Thanks.

  3. I ordered one, it got shipped out, arrived in LAX, I’m in utah, and then got shipped to NJ. It’s definalty a scam, they won’t respond after I asked why it got shipped across the country again.

  4. Placed an order Dec 1 and still NOTHING. Any correspondence is in Chinese! So I would not know what’s going on! This Company took my $45.00 and ran. BEWARE!!!!

    • Hello Cmf, Thanks for the information. Did you try to text them? Any response from them? Many people have expressed their views and it seems they are scammers. Buyers, be aware and check the portals to get a clear idea about their dealings. You can check with the payment company for a refund. Please update. Thanks.

  5. I ordered in November and have been checking my tracking since and it says it finally arrived in the US through LAX on the 19th. Hoping I get it, probably won’t.

  6. I’ve sent 7 emails to them at their requested address, and IF I got a response, it was computer generated with The message “someone will get back to you shortly “. And that’s the last you hear from them. Do Not Order From This Company. It’s a Complete Scam and Needs to be reported

    • Hello Brian, How long back you place an order? Go for a refund option and get your money back. The scammers must be caught and proper action must be taken. Please, be aware and alert. Let us know the details if you get any. Take care. Be cautious. Thanks.

  7. I ordered from here on November 29th, received my tracking number on December 2nd. The updating has been very slow and inconsistent. My boyfriend ordered from another company that everyone reviewed as a scam and he gave up on trying to recover his order, but eventually received it. I’m keeping faith it’ll come

    • Hello ejr6, Thanks for the details. Did you get any confirmation mail? Many of them have mentioned they did not get the order. Hope you receive the order. Nowadays, scammers are making frauds anyways and going away. So, be aware every time and then proceed. Please update us, if you get the order. Take care. Thanks.

  8. Ordered on 12/1/2021. Recieved tracking on 12/2/2021 in junk folder. Still have not received and no response from Paintly after repeated emails to “customer service” email address. Tracking (you can choose to translate on the tracking site) has given sporadic updates regarding customs in Miami, back to China, LAX, overseas shipping distribution center…
    Do NOT order from them.

  9. I ordered mine on 12/2. No response, no tracking number. I’ve sent in 2 emails now and nothing. We’ve been scammed!! And it’s sad that people steal money from hard working people. I was so excited to give this to my husband.

  10. I ordered on 11/23 and have yet to receive my order. They sent me a tracking number and shows it is coming from China. Tracking says it is at the airport since 12/16. So I reached out to them again asking and they said it was delivered and provided another tracking number to a different location in California. I replied and let them know they are providing an update on the wrong shipment and detailed what exactly I needed again and no answer. That was a week ago now. I just sent a follow up and nothing.

  11. I ordered from Paintly November 27th and it finally arrived (December 29th). The package was in good shape and all the items were properly packaged. Had no issues with the item ordered. However I tried to contact them several times by email and was never given a response. Very poor customer service but the item did arrive in good condition almost a month later.

  12. My daughter ordered a product on November 26th. It has been over a month and we still have not received it. When I email, they respond with tracking info that shows different locations in China and finally one in San Francisco, which shows it has been there since December 16th. Still hopeful we might receive it. However, I would recommend NOT using this company!

    • Hello Jennifer K, such tricks are used by the scammers to cheat and they earn money without any hard work. Thanks for the update and suggestion. Buyers, check the comments and it is advisable to stay away from them. Go for a refund option. Take care.

  13. I ordered on the 11/23. I got a tracking number and since 12/19 it says my package is in San Francisco. No response to my emails. I’m so mad

    • Hello Carrie reveals, No response from them indicates they can be scammers. So, don’t wait, go for a refund option and get your money back. Please help other buyers share your experience. Regards. Take care.

  14. I ordered from Paintly on Nov. 2, 2021. I waited until 12/5/21 to send a follow up email because I understand things take time. Today, after I’ve sent probably about 5 emails now asking for a refund, they sent an email stating I didn’t upload a photo (which I did. I literally went through the process of making sure it fit the way I wanted and what picture I wanted to use). I think they said that because of how angry I sounded in the emails due to their lack of customer service and trying to blame the customer for their poor service. I would not recommend ordering from this company! 0/10. I ended up ordering through instead. It took roughly 3 weeks to get to me but they actually followed up and sent emails. DO NOT ORDER WITH THEM. PAINTLY IS A SCAM COMPANY.

    • Hello Kiona, Thanks for the valuable information. What about a refund? You did it right to order it from another portal. Hope at least you received it from them. Buyers, be cautious and alert. Thanks. Take care.

  15. I ordered 2 sets on November 28th. I received a tracking number but it was in a foreign language. I thought great i got scammed. I actually received my paint sets January 1. I haven’t inspected them yet bc i am out of town.

    • Hello Tiffany Mertes, please check once you are back. Let us know the quality of the product whether it is as per the ordered one. Please let us know the details. It will help the individuals to know about the portal. Take care. Thanks.

  16. I ordered a painting by number on December 2nd. Got an email saying it shipped December 3rd with tracking. It made it to Los Angeles but since then nothing. Just emailed the company so let’s see what happens.

  17. I ordered on November 20th I have sent many emails with one generic reply it takes 3-5 days to respond to my email. The tracking has not moved at all from china! I’m so frustrated! I sent another email requesting my money back!

  18. The order came a month late, little to no info was given, the updates were in Chinese, then the photo we got wasn’t great. They put white in both of our hair, mind you one of us has black hair, the face doesn’t have basic details like having eyes, overall wasn’t great.

  19. I ordered my item on November 27, 2021. I forgot to attach a photo and someone emailed me to ask for it again. I then got a new confirmation email on 12/3/21 saying that their process takes 3-5 days, then 8-15 days for shipping. We are now over a month since then and all I keep getting is an automated response from customer service. I have sent 2 support requests in the last 2 weeks and still have received nothing. The tracking number tells me that it has arrived at a carrier location, in Chinese of course. I am going to wait until the end of this week then report them as fraud.

  20. I ordered from here in November, with the intent of having it to give as a Christmas gift, expecting it to arrive on time seeing as their shipping policy states that US shipping is from 8-15 business days. It didn’t arrive until Jan. 8. The tracking service they provided was very hard to navigate, and was over in China for several days, which didn’t make sense because I would have been US shipping and not international. When it arrived, I was very disappointed in the quality, which was not at all the quality that was depicted in the photos on the website. Several of the colors are not consistent with the photo I chose and as a result, part of the picture is very difficult to make out from the background. I also added a frame to my order for an upcharge, and the frame was also very poor quality- it didn’t fit together correctly, there was no glass/plastic and no way to even put the painting into the frame, and it was too small for the picture anyways and would have cut some of it out, so I will have to go buy a frame anyways. Very disappointed – was not worth the wait, the money or the several days it took to paint.

    • Hello Abby, thanks for the valuable and detailed message. We feel sad, you are not happy with the order. Nowadays, they use such tricks and earn the money easily. So, it can be suggested to check the portal details before any transaction. Be aware. Take care. Thank you.

  21. Update!!! Still nothing. Ordered December 2nd shipped the 3rd. Numerous emails were finally answered when I threatened to have my credit card company refund because of fraud. “Maria” said they are having delays once the product reaches the States. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my wife. Then I thought possibly for our anniversary on January 16th. Now I’m hoping maybe Valentines Day??? I will never order from them again and caution anyone else from doing the same. Horrible company


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