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The Pac12 Network Directv news blog includes all the latest information and a basic overview, local channel list of the Pac-12 network, and its popularity.

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This news will reveal all the necessary information about one of the top United States-located television networks Pac12 Network that is now on Directv. Stick with this blog to get to know more about Pac12 Network Directv.

What is Pac 12 Network?

The Pac-12 Conference-owned Pac-12 network is one of the highly-rated ‘Sport oriented Digital Cable’ & ‘Satellite Television Network’ mainly broadcast in the United States & Canada. Along with the national channels, the digital cable operates 6 regional sports channels on various schools within a conference under the brand of the Pac-12 network. Those are-

  • Pac-12 Bay Area– It features events from ‘Stanford University’ & ‘University of California.’
  • Pac-12 Oregon– ‘University of Oregon’ & ‘Oregon State University’ events’ are featured via this channel.
  • Pac-12 Arizona– It features ‘Arizona State University’ & ‘University of Arizona’ events.
  • Pac 12 Los AngelesPac12 Network Directv features events from the ‘University of Southern California’ and ‘UCLA.’   
  • Pac-12 Washington– The events are featured from the ‘Washington State University’ and ‘University of Washington.’
  • Pac-12 Mountain– It includes the ‘University of Colorado’ and ‘University of Utah’ events.

The network had been publicly launched in 2012 after the launching was announced in 2011 has become the 3rd sports network devoted to the particular ‘Collegiate Athletic conference.’ 


  • Headquarter: It is situated in California.
  • Broadcasting Location: USA & Canada.
  • Language: It is English.
  • Availability: It is available on Frontier FiOS (cable), Dish Network (satellite).

About Pac12 Network Directv:

According to the sources, the network struggles to satisfy the consumers because of domestic proximity. Along with the time difference is also a reason. Based on the news, the network program might be unavailable for every sports enthusiast. People with CenturyLink, Comcast, DISH, Sling TV, Spectrum, AT&T U-Verse, Cox, Frontier, and fuboTV can watch the program on the Pac-12 network. But, unfortunately, those who use Directv broadcast satellite can’t watch the Pac-12 home conference program.

Moreover, the following site includes the referral information for switching to another service operator. The Directv users can switch to other satellite operators because, to date, this Pac12 Network Directv satellite operator can’t feature the Pac-12 programs.

What do netizens’ thought about the Pac-12 network?

The network has already launched its official application on the Google play store, where it has been rated 4.7 stars. Plus, on various mediums, it has received good ratings from users. However, it is currently not available on the Directv satellite. 

Final Words:

The Pac-12 network is a sport-based digital media with national channels, and it also features regional sports events in 6 different regional sports channels. Based on the news on Pac12 , users who use Cox, fuboTV, Spectrum, etc. satellite networks rather Directv can watch the regional sports program as the Pac12 Network Directv hasn’t collaborated yet. Are you satisfied with this information? Please mention. 

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